Mural Classes

Mural Classes 

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  1. carol cartier

    I have a commission to paint a mural for a tropical bathroom; the client has revised the original request from “on the wall” to on canvas then on the wall. What weight would you use in canvas and would cotton duck be better or a canvas with linen in it? Thank you,

    1. Hi Carol, Thanks for stopping by. This is a very good question and a book could be written on the subject. It really depends on the artist and the medium being used. Personally for most murals I like the pre primed Polyflax blend by Fredrix for acrylics but it might not be a good choice for oils because it could take longer for the oils to dry and is not real absorbant, but there are many others. What I like about the Polyflax is it doesn’t shrink like 100% cotton duck does. Of course there are many grades and weights of cotton canvas that range from fine, med and course and 5, 7, 10, 11, 12, 14 oz. and more. If your going to hang the canvas after painting the mural be sure to get the pre primed. I always “oil prime” the side that gets mounted to the wall so the heavy duty paste I use to hang it doesn’t “bleed” through the canvas. I also will oil prime the wall or use a wall paper sizing depending on clients budget. Wall sizing is much more expensive than an oil primer.
      I hope this helps if you need more information you can call the good people at at REX ART 3160 SW 22 Street, Miami Florida 33145 305.445.1413 Fax 305.445.1412
      1.800.REX.ART2 (1.800.739.2782)

  2. Hi Arthur,Me again.Would like to do some of your 4 hr. on murals.I also need to learn the door panel tricks.I have some doors that are perfect in my tuscan style home.Jim Marino

    1. Hi Jim,
      Actually I never really thought about doing a 4 hour mural class because there are too many things that need to be covered. However I am discussing mural classes with various guest instructors from around the country and even a few from Europe. These type of classes are anywhere from 2 days to as many as 7 days depending on size and subject. The door panel I think you are referring to is a wood grained trompe loeil study. Lots to learn with this technique and would also involve a couple of days. I appreciate the feed back and suggestions because I need to know what students are wanting to learn and can approach the schedule effectively keep them coming…

    1. Hi Janaki
      Glad to see your interest and what I have coming up at this point is a airbrush class with Dru Blair when I have enough commitments you can go to the “Class” page and go to “Airbrush Class” for more info.

  3. Christdon Murray

    I am interested in mural wall art, airbrushing, the marketing for artists, and faux finishing classes in the local area along with the time and dates of the current classes scheduled.

    1. Hi Christdon,
      I am currently working on a schedule for the 2011 season and as a temporary curriculum I am holding 4 hour Saturday classes if there are enough participants (5-6 minimum). I do have a 4 day airbrush class coming in February which will be a great class. By going to my home page and signing up for my newsletter or go to the class page and sign up there. I will be announcing the dates when they are available. But for the Saturday classes you should call 239 417 1888. I advise people to sign up at least two weeks ahead of time in order to prepare and to make sure we have the minimum people attending.

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