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The word marbling is in Turkish EBRU (cloud, cloudy) or abru (Water face) (En Français. It is derived from the word ebre which belongs to one of the older Central Asian languages and it means the “moiré, veined fabric, paper etc…” used for covering some manuscripts and other holy books. Its origin might ultimately hark back to China, where a document from the T’ang dynasty (618-907) mentions a process of coloring paper on water with five hues. Through the Silk Road this art came first to …

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Arthur Morehead has been an artist/muralist and professional painter for over 30 years. By speaking and writing publicly through, seminars, demonstrations and social media on decorative arts and the painting industry is highly sought after for his knowledge and expertize on problem solving and proper preparation of substrates in the commercial and residential areas of interior design. As an artist since childhood he is very versatile in many different art forms including fine art, murals, faux finishing, marbling, wood grainning, ornamentation, custom designs, gilding, foils, trompe loeil, and many more. With expert color matching repairs are done quickly and effectively. Live demonstrations and seminars are done to bring the decorative arts a little closer to both the general public and businesses



  1. If everyone in the world saw this video and understood the wonders of all cultures arts, then the world would be a better place for everyone. Truely magnificent video.

    Make art, not war.

  2. Büyülendim…
    Muhteşem. Tek kelimeyle muhteşem.
    Belki de icratı en zor sanatlardan biridir Ebru sanatı… ama yapılırken izlemesi müthiş bir keyif.
    batman7003 bu video’yu eklediğin için tşkler, ellerin dert görmesin. marvelous. stunning. all the s*t*a*r*s to you batman7003 !

  3. @sharmanti: You would think that, but not really. I work in a museum & occasionally do marbling as a drop-in craft for kids & often adults. I think the nature of color floating on liquid makes it hard to mess up. There is such beauty in the nature of it. Obviously, no one is making anything near what you see in this video, but unless one gets in & stirs the heck out of the paint like they’re mixing cake batter, it turns out and pulling the paper is like watching fireworks–oohs & ahhs!

    • You’re very welcome Marie
      I am on a quest for the next couple of months to bring a lot of attention to various art forms. I want everyone to see how far we all can go as artists and how there are no limitations to what we can do!

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