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      Decorative Arts, Whats The Difference?

      I suppose to most there really is no difference to Faux Finishing,

      Personally, there is a huge difference as there is a much higher degree of education in my opinion. The Decorative Arts have more to do with the finer side of hand painting and ornamental work such as graiselle, grotesque and even stenciling. Some may call me nuts for making a statement like that but in my opinion, I believe it's true.

      It's like trying to explain the difference between a mural and a fine art mural. However, once you have learned to paint them both the differences are too obvious. It's not to say that one is better than other it's knowing it when you're tracking your painting career over the years.

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    • 2 years, 3 months ago

       Arthur Morehead

    • Home Improvement

      Home Improvement

      It's that time again in Southwest Florida to get those Home Improvements taken care of.

      With a New, Forum added to our membership site you can get your Questions & Answers here from Professionals who like to help homeowners with their project needs. All you need to do is just sign up for $5.00 to get a brief answer to whatever issue you are having, Help is on the way

      Need help and /or advice? about Painting? Drywall Repairs? Murals/Fine Art Commissions? Perhaps Faux Finishing Direction and what's right for your home?

      Maybe Ornamental Painting, Decorative Art, Textures and Venetian Plaster Designs is what your needs are.

      Some just want help with choosing Paint Colors for Interior Design side of things and /or for the Exterior.

      Whatever the case may be helpful information and recommendations are only a click away to our Forums at Art-Faux Designs and Painting

      Take a look at our Home Improvement Forum and you may find the answer you are looking for here. It's pretty easy to join for the average Home Owner and DIY'er. Generally, this Forum is about painting issues and how too but it is open to all questions. Just be specific as to what you need.


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    • 7 months, 3 weeks ago

       Arthur Morehead