Incredible Artists Music Effects

From time to time I run across some pretty amazing artists that just blow my mind artistically and really get my attention that I have to do a post about their talent.

During my daily run through the hundreds of emails I get, I responded to one that took me to Face Book where Tatiana Rugers posted this video from You Tube of a musician that I thought was amazingly creative.
As many of you know I believe that all artists should have the freedom to be able to expand into other art forms to keep themselves energized and music is a very important part of it. I believe without music there would be no art because it has been proven that color and music are one with each other. I know without music I wouldn’t be able to get into my “zone” and paint some of the things that I do and I am sure that many of you here reading this will agree with me.
You see I appreciate all music and am just as open minded with new music techniques as I am with artists techniques. This young mans unique way of getting a message to the public and now to the world to some of the unjust things that are happening in the world and in the UK, that as a street musician probably wouldn’t have been heard by many. But his passion for what he believes in and combined with his remarkable talent has finally started to get a whole lot of attention around the UK and the world.
I wish I had more information on this lad and I will follow up with more research because I am going to buy one of his CD’s for my library.

He goes by the name of

Dub FX

and is on You Tube if you want to find out more about him but for now check this out!