Murals in Naples Fl

Live Art Painting Demos

Live Art Painting Demos

From Naples Fl., Is This a Good Idea?

I guess we will soon find out won’t we, LOL Yes I am finally at that point of Live Art Painting Demos and guess who is the first interview victim? Yes It is I who will put his head down on the chopping block first.

DVD by Pascal Amblard
DVD Instructional by Pascal Amblard

I really don’t have anyone else brave enough to do an actual Live Art Interview with me (not yet). Everyone I have brought the idea too were either too skeered of me, too busy and/or think I was just full of shit. ( honestly I think it’s the latter) Some just think I’m a nut, bwuahahahaha.

It’s the same with my blogging most people think I am full of bs when I tell them I can reach Page one in the searches with one of my posts, even after proving it, they think I am still full of it even with the evidence smacking them in the face.  Anyway I am getting away from what this post is about, but I will give it some more thought. I don’t care what people think about me no more anyway,I suppose that comes with age. Hows that for an eye catching opening lol. The whole idea behind this is we can all learn something from each other. Like these paintings were all painted by me but were actually done first by the artists named under them. Most of my writing is about learning and educating the ones who want it. Some of it’s free and of course some of it isn’t after all a lot of this comes from a life long passion of ups and downs and learning from my mistakes. It takes a life time of learning from ones experience but only ah hour or two to learn it from a book and/or video. That has to be worth something don’t you think?

Mural Class Naples Fl (Crosby Mural Class Art-Faux Designs Naples Fl
Crosby Class 2009

On this Live Broadcasting gauntlet I will be covering some things about the Forums I am also launching locally during the discussion. I am afraid though it’s probably going to sound like I’m just blowing smoke up my own ass because I know very few of you will be hear to listen anyway. Isn’t that the way most of these kind of things go? If I were to include to give anything away for free like most marketers do then  many would just take the prize like a squirrel then scurry away and hide it for later never to return like most unthankful critters do, So no Free prize this time around. Yeah I know I’m an asshole, but you know what? I’m not stupid either at least this way you might stick around long enough to find out what this is all about

What’s this about?

Ahhhh, now where getting down to the meat and potatoes of it all. It’s about you the artist, creative, business owners in Naples Fl and else where connecting with the community locally and internationally as most of the Naples Fl., community have homes in other countries and throughout the U.S. as well  and what we can do to help one another.

Trompe loeil panel tribute
A tribute to Michel Nadaii
Painted by Arthur Morehead using Michele Nadaii Book (instructional)
Painted from Michele Book

As artists, creatives, small business owners we can learn and support one another by conversing about everything in general within small business, the arts and entertainment in general. I feel if you take all these topics as one everyone can learn something from one another in general, after all isn’t it all relative? Sometimes we will just hold think tanks other times it will be on “How to Discussions and interviews”. I hope to have enough involvement to show Live Shows and events and online art gallery showings. I have been looking at some of these virtual art galleries that are very impressive but of course this takes money to put these together an run them.

Remember I lost much of my use of my legs and much of my income went with it so of course I just cant give it away and there are costs involved. It isn’t like it use to be where I could dole out my knowledge and own cash and do these things for free any more. If that sounds unfair to you then you don’t belong here. There is no membership site on line thats free and for what this site includes is very fair for what’s involved in it, So a donation once in a while is nice

Art-Faux Designs Murals in Naples Fl
Another Pascal Amblard Design Painted by Arthur Morehead

This brings me to the membership site and costs which you can read here and what each level includes. As time goes on more will be added to each level including promotional work for your art as well as some SEO work which is already included in the Gallery sites and hosting which you can get at the “Gold Level”

This Live Broadcast is about the Live Painting Shows which is what the show and discussion will be about. It’ll be about faux finishing, marbling, wood gaining and stone basically the same shit you guys are paying thousand of dollars on traveling expenses and hotel fees which most of you who can afford it like to do that many of us can’t.

Painted Crosby Fresco by Arthur Morehead Art-Faux Designs Murals in Naples Fl
Painted by Arthur Morehead (Sean Crosby DVD)

I have several more of these type of renderings that came from many different sources from books to DVD’ and even online classes so it is not an uncommon thing to see or do. Some were even painted at actual Live classes which are very expensive as these are about murals and not your 8″ X 10″ canvas paintings. Some are from much larger Murals, however it’s all relative

I am going to prove that you don’t have to be there to learn these techniques as I discuss and show you that simply by buying the artists books can teach you the same thing. Trust me I have heard insights from many artists and others about the subject and am not going to sit here and write about it as it will sound like I am sitting here arguing with myself as I have already covered this in other posts recently and I just don’t have time to keep repeating myself.

If you want to join me and have some fun and learn something in the process then come on in and join the conversation as this is a free show and let you know more about what’s going on and yes this will be recorded