Another Faux Marble on Columns

Faux Finishing and Marbling is still one of my favorite things to do

and I have just finished another faux marble on columns for a client and as a result I have more coming up.

Below is a progression photo that I took to study the color values

Faux Finishing Marble Columns

Marbled Columns

I use my blog quite often to keep my clients and artist friends up to date on things that I am doing or working on. Usually I get emails with questions but I also love to see them placed under the comments so I can share with everyone.

Feel free to leave a comment which you can find below at the bottom of the post

Although this is a fantasy marble technique I based it somewhat on a rare marble known as “Yellow Flower”. The main difference is the warm white veining was left out by request and a couple of other details, but no matter I still get so involved with it that I feel I become part of the faux marble itself.

Faux Finished Marble columns Naples Fl .jpg

Veining Detail on Faux Finished Marbled Columns

Most times I get so involved that I am able to shut out everything around me

People will try to talk to me but I really don’t hear what they are saying because I am so focused on what I’m doing

Some look at me pretty strangely when I tell them this but you have to understand that an artists work is an extension of themselves and like marble we all have our individuality because there are never 2 that are the same

Faux Finishing Marble Art-Faux Designs Naples Fl

Faux Finished Veined Marble

I love music when I am marbling and prefer instrumental music like

Chicago, Dave Mathews Band, Spyro Gyra,

but sometimes it depends on my mood as well.

I appreciate all music and have everything from country to classical and I am always looking for more. I believe everyone is an artist to some extent and music brings the best out of all of us. It doesn’t matter what you do, weather you love to write poems, paint, sculpt, quilting what ever, to me music is an integral part of what we all do in life even a stay at home mom who home schools her children express themselves in some creative way.

So what do you do? What kind of music do you listen to?

Leave a comment below and share it with us I would love to get more music

Veining Close up of Faux Marbled Columns

Close Up of Veining

Last an not Least I’ll finish this entry with a final close up to see if I can move some of you to answer with some music suggestion

In the next couple of days I will be posting another

“Faux Product Review”

on another plaster product I have been using and

Another Seminar coming up

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It always seems that I get Another Faux Marble on Columns

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27 comments on “Another Faux Marble on Columns
  1. Beautiful Art!! (Pun NOT intended!!) LOL Really gorgeous columns. I listen mainly to classical. I also enjoy new age instrumental stuff. Occasionally, I like easy listening from the 60’s on up. Hard rock ‘n roll much less than in my youth! lol

    • Hi Gale I thought I responded to this but it seems I didn’t hit the right button. as always thanks for stopping by, like I said I like all music really and appreciate all the arts. I only wish that life was long enough to be able to experience all of them …..but I’m working on it

    • Regina,
      as always you are so kind, I like the iPod myself but I really like XM radio too, They play a lot of stuff that I haven’t heard in years and some of the stuff you can’t even find any more

    • Thats me Dana, I love the sharing part that we all have within ourselves its how we all learn and grow, I appreciate you stopping by

    • Hi Barbara,
      I know what you mean I love pistachio’s! I actually can’t do a quick marbling and simply walk away from it, or any decorative finish as far as that goes lol, To me a drifted marble with a few veins is like toning a canvas…’s like the columns are saying ” That’s it?……you’re kidding!…..your not just going to walk away are you?…” lol My clients think I’m crazy when I tell them that the surfaces that I work on talk to me and tell me what they want…….Crazy?…..maybe, but I know everyone is happy…….including the

  2. These are so perfect Art! Your choice of color and tone are dead on accurate! I listen to Puccini for early stages of detailed work.. it keeps the brushstrokes controlled…and later play iPod shuffle or some energy mixes I have for the other layers to keep the day going! I love your description of how we extend ourselves into the work. As I have said before, ” All we own is the process”!.

    • Thank You Theresa, hmmm… Puccini……I’ll have to get this, sometimes I do need the control help lol…. Here’s something to try. My friends and I will swap iPods for a week…….It’s a pretty cool concept because I have discovered some artists I have never heard before and it keeps my music fresh and new….well at least new to me anyway…..I always have to look and try new creative things because consistent repetition as an everyday thing bores me very quickly. I guess that’s why I have the knowledge of so many techniques and styles that I do. Even though there are really only 4 or 5 basic marble structures it always seems new to me because there are never two columns or panels that are exactly the same.

  3. My my my, Art! I generally fear the phrase “faux marbling” due to some of the work that I have seen, but YOU! but THIS! Well … this is something entirely different. It’s pure eye candy!! The rich, dark brown veining throughout is my favorite touch. Truly, I could not tell the columns are a product of faux marbling. Then, again, I’m not with it in person, but through these photographs I’m tricked and in a pleasant way. Thank you! :-)

    • It’s one my favorite finishes to do even though this is a “fantasy marble” you still have to respect a few rules of nature, I love doing the more rare stones and marble but most are wanting the colors to blend with the interiors, so I just pull from the rooms surroundings. I have another set of columns coming up that are more of a contemporary style where I will be using mainly metallics in a gradated technique and another commission where I have designed a contemporary wood grain finish that’s over the top for a well know designer. Contemporary and modern designs are very hot in today’s market and has kept me very busy designing new finishes…..

  4. I’ve never done “marbling” but I also listen to music while working. It can help you really focus and keep you motivated. I’m more of a 90s alternative rock guy but when I really want to stir up my creative side I switch to classical or nature sound type music.

    • Jason my friend, glad to get your input, your comment and advice is always welcome here and yes I agree with you on the classical music side, I have done some of my best “veining ” work to classical.

    • LOL thanks Chris, This is just a tip of the iceburg you should sign up for my rss feed or newsletter to see whats coming….thanks for stopping by…

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    • Thanks Greg,
      the contemporary columns are going to be a cool challenge, I have some pretty wild ideas that I am going to present, along with the original idea. I like taking things one step further!

  6. You are tooo much Art! Absolutely beautiful work! Realistic & solid! Wait til I show dd Rachel!
    As for music? Some of the soundtracks from the Phantom of the Opera are all drama and excitment to get into. Plus with a soundtrack from a familiar storyline it passes the time on more repetitive finishes. Counting Crows, Josh Grobin, and classical…

    • Hi Marguerite,
      Sometimes I get too involved lol, but when the music is right I really get into my zone, I guess you might say. I’m glad your here I needed to get your info again and thanks for the great comment….

    • Lol thanks Patty,
      I have two more that Ill be posting about in a couple of weeks…..I see you have been very busy as well … have some great posts lately and I think everyone should take a look…

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