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Faux Finishing

Faux Finishing What Is It?

Honestly? Some refer to it as an

“Artistically controlled mess”,

however, I think of faux finishing as a unique way of self expressing in a controlled manner in relationship to nature.

Although the term has been used rather loosely over the past several years, I personally don’t like to refer to what I do as “Faux” or “fake” because what I do is real and comes from my thoughts and inner visions of what I believe to be of ones personality, style and to improve ones quality of life;

Generally speaking Faux Finishing categorizes all the decorative art’s as a whole and are put into one box so to speak if it were brought up in a conversation, however I like to just use the term in it’s own category and refer to it as the simpler types of decorative art and wall finishes which most of you have become to know or relate to as wall glazing, rag rolling, sponge painting, etc.

What most do not realize is that there are several levels of the decorative arts that range from the DIY’ers to the seasoned professionals of which I call Decorative Artists
Below are some examples of the typical and cost effective ways of introducing this art form which reaches back hundreds of years to create some beautiful Interior Home Designs

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    1. Hi Victor, Thanks for stopping by. I believe you’re referring to the master bath. That was done with a custom color of paint that I tinted myself but it originated from Faux Effects “Grape Jelly” (Set Coat) Then there is a varrigated gold leaf randomly applied with an iron oxide over glaze. there are several light sources (5) that really play well in that it’s a dark room throughout the day except for the natural light that comes through the shower windows. Then there are tiny rhinestones applied which really gives it a finally that is hard to pick up with a camera. I been getting quite a few emails about this one, let me know if you need more…..Peace ……

    1. Thanks Erica, I still have more work to do on the page but at least I have something up now. Before I was relying on only all my posts, so keep stopping by as it will keep changing for the better I hope….;-)

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