Interior Design Painting seminar Artist Arthur Morehead

Painting Interior/Exterior Advice?

 Painting Interior/Exterior Advice?

 Naples, Bonita, Marco Island and Southwest Fl. starts to get really busy this time of year and if you are wanting to get that interior room or exterior painted before the holiday rush you may want to start scheduling it now.

I know it has been a rough go for the last 5 years or so, but I have seen an increase in the painting market. Many past clients of mine are calling “wanting it done yesterday” as the saying goes lol. Although, I have since retired from this kind of painting and mainly paint decoratively I do still get calls from past clients that are getting ready to repaint once again. Many of my past customers had their homes painted by my company 10 years ago or better and are just now calling because I believed in the quality of the work and materials should be a top priority when it comes to painting especially the exterior.

I have lived and painted here in Naples and Southwest Florida since 1987 and have seen what the elements can do to a homes exterior and could write a book on it. (maybe I will lol) One of the things I have discovered is that since I have retired I have many who still come to me for information and suggestions as to proper substrate preparation and problem solving issues. I get a lot of this on Facebook and LinkedIn and am very active in the social media helping out with this advice to help with driving traffic to my blog which did drive a lot to me. It was really a win win situation for both parties involved.

Interior Design Painting seminar Artist Arthur Morehead
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However as with everything good, they all come to an end because some believe that if it works well and it ain’t broken you must some how have to fix it which brings me to the mindset of the social media companies. When they decided to take on heavy investors and go public and all that kind of crazy shit then of course came the greed, a board of directors (investors) and they decided that all that free traffic that small businesses were enjoying must come to an end because “we want more money and we want it from small business!” even though we are raking it in with advertising revenue from big name corporate companies. So once again the small businesses are taking it up the you know what and have had up to as much as 80% of their internet traffic taken away from their social media presence and if you want it back you have to pay!

Anyway that’s one of the reasons why I am writing this post but not the main one. You see I love to help with painting issues or problems and even simple decorating painting “How To’s”  in the social media groups. I mainly did it because I like to help people and I did not gain monetarily from this problem solving advice. Since the changes in the “rules” of these formats it seems the more time I spend on posting the worse my web traffic gets and is not helping myself at all. However one thing IS for sure they (social media) are sure enjoying the traffic that I do draw with my sometimes 1000 word responses in regards to these issues.

So I have decided to instead of spending so much time within these venues to start posting my answers to questions here on my blog where I can reach a more genuine audience, I  feel that my time is worth at least that.

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My question is;

In your opinion do you think I am making the right decision?

Don’t get me wrong I am going to keep up my social media presence but I feel I could be of better help both locally and Nationally if I were to create a space where my local community could come to get help when they need it.

Here is an example of what I am thinking about doing in regards to

Painting Interior/Exterior Advice

This is an example of a full length DVD I created a few years ago where this segment only runs about six minutes but you get the general idea.

So what do you think? I think I should follow up with my answers here, that way more genuine people with paint and prep issues are more likely to find their answers here being that I know about SEO and SEM. Would love to get some opinions  here

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