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The French definition in short means to trick or fool the eye by painting an illusion by using light and shadow to create realism

Cabinet Faux Finishing Photos

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Cabinet Faux Finish (trompe loeil) Cabinet faux finished furniture update. Distressed wood is faux finished. There is no molding on this furniture piece. It is flat...
Landscape Painting on canvas wall art murals, 2" x 3" artist Arthur Morehead

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Painting Canvas Wall Art Murals for contemporary, modern and traditional interior designs. Part 4 of the Gray Oaks Country Club staircase mural project. It's finally come to...
How to paint a mural

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"Faux Fresco" Project 1 A Step by Step Guide To How To Paint A Faux Fresco Since preparing the fine art studio in Bonita Springs I...
faux walnut wood grain

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This is a flat panel done in a walnut wood grain with trompe l oeil raised molding. This was a study done for a designer client of mine. You might see a finish like this performed on a cabinet or a door way to give it a sense of depth or uncommon age. You can also go for a more distressed look to match other antique pieces in the room.
Trompe loeil panel tribute

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Update July 26, 2011 Master Trompe L'Oeil Artist Michel Nadaii (A tribute to an artist with a passion to teach others) I know its been a couple of...
Faux wood grain inlay

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Updated 7/24/2011 Faux Finish Marquetry Walnut woodgrain inlay Marquetry is an art form that dates back hundreds of years and is still practiced today. Not long ago I...
Bougainvillea, wine barrels, wine wagon, wine room mural

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I know this what some of you have been waiting to see who have been following my faux brick wine room post wondering what...
Stone Faux Finishing

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Over the past year I have seen an increase in popularity in trompe loeil being used as a solution to a problem rather than the...

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Ask an Artist Re: Hand Made Furniture An internet friend of mine Judy Arnold who I socialize with on  Face Book is only one of many...
Bonita Springs faux

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Mural Update for Art-Faux Designs Inc.™ Yes it's finally getting faux close to the opening of Bonita Springs Studio for faux finishing and faux painting ideas and...
An art faux new mural

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After getting side tracked once again I was still able to get quite a bit accomplished in such a short period. With the install of...
Studio mural Bonita Springs FL

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We are finally in the new studio and are now getting ready for the opening! Yes I know, the construction delays have been horrendous to say...