Breath-Taking Brick Breakaway Faux Finish


Hi Folks,

I am posting this under the Trompe L’oeil section because it  falls within this category. Let me begin with the term.

Trompe L’oeil (Fr., trick the eye) a method of painting for reproducing through fine detail the illusion of three dimensional depth and photographic realism.

This is one of my favorite techniques that I love to incorporate into the many things that I have in my bag of decorative painting tricks.  I believe in order to be a successful artist in this field you must have an diverse array of techniques in order to keep up with your clients demands and I think that learning this style is just as important as know how to perform a simple wall glazing.

The finish above is what’s called a “break away” in decorative painting which I’ve performed several times in commercial as well as residential applications. The part that looks like a plaster is actually an existing paint that a client of mine had on her walls . What she was wanting was to create a European kind of atmosphere without having to go to the extremes and expense of using an actual plaster.

This finish was all done with glaze and paint by knowing how to use color light and shadow to achieve a sense of depth.

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  1. Thanks Bobby,
    I look at it this way , we are all artists and we learn and grow from each other and the communication line is very important. I have learned so much over my life time and the years that I have been in the business. I am going to start teaching and am currently making plans of a new studio in which I will have some of the best instructors from around the world walking through my doors which is why I have started this blog and other things. I have another site that is going to be tied to this one which will have eBooks, some video, and I will be recommending the very product that I have used myself for these different finishes.

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