Venetian Plaster

Venetian Plaster for Niches

Venetian Plaster for Niches

Venetian Plaster for Niches Has become popular in Naples Fl

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Venetian Plaster for Niches

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I have always loved using Venetian plaster for niches because it just seems right, Even though you can do pretty much anything within a niche I think you should at least start with a plaster

Plaster for niche's

I am sure most of you experienced decorative pros out there are familiar with what your looking at here and if your not then I suggest you call up your local school and schedule a class right away

Plaster for niche's

This is a very cool technique that I use quite often because of how involved I get with it. You see as an artist it’s all about “mindset” and

becoming one with,

The tool , The material, The music, and The mind.

At the risk of sounding like some kind of a nut and possibly losing some of my subscribers I am going to reveal what I mean by the statement above. So hang on to your hats, and bonnets and get ready for a trip down the rabbit hole Alice, and hopefully we will survive this escape from reality and maybe, just maybe, most of my artists friends will be inspired by this journey into the quagmire that most of us call

“Artistic Freedom”

The Tool….

To begin with I used a trowel in this finish, BUT I don’t use it in the traditional sense, let me explain,

I use tools as an extension of what I feel within myself which is why most have a hard time replicating what I do,  sometimes even I have a hard time replicating some things that I create because I get so involved with my inner self that it becomes a very spiritual thing for me, that it becomes more about individuality, and if everything is just right, the client is the lucky one to have that “one of a kind” original finish that no one else has….

The Material….

Understanding the material or medium is very important and focusing on every aspect and characteristic of how it flows, how it dries, the viscosity, and being able to “feel” the material as if the tool wasn’t there will put you closer to it to the point of where it actually becomes part of your very being….and what I call “to be connected”

The Music….

Music Soothes The Savage Beast…..

Good music motivates the soul and creates the harmony for it all to connect, the toning of the canvas you might say 

Hold on tight this is where it really gets deep….. The “Beast” being “The Right Brain and Left Brain” which is consistently reminding one side of the others presence is a battle that artists have fought for centuries. It is one of the hardest accomplishments that artists must overcome in the sense that one side doesn’t deny the others ability to be creative and think outside of the box and still  cooperate with the logic of whats to be the truth and the facts as the securest way of an approach to something new and unexplored.

Whewwww!! wow…..did I lose anyone on that one?


My business mentor Karl Gibbons of Third Eye Management is one of the most inspirational people I have had the privilege to meet, brought to my attention that I had a huge problem with a 1000 pound gorilla on my back to which he referred to as “Sid”, who was holding me back from my wants , my dreams, my goals and more importantly…..myself….

“Oh yeah? and just who might Sid be?” I asked defensively…..and in his English accent he replied by saying “Note this”

“It’s really quite simple”,  as he jotted down these initials, “S.I.D. is Self Inflicted Doubt, and if you don’t get him off your back or at least reduce him to an echo you are always going to hold yourself back from what you know you are able to accomplish”

This statement changed my life and I have accomplished more in the last 2 1/2 years than I have in the last 10….

Plaster for niche's

Mindset…..The Zone!

Is when you are able to get to that point of total commitment and are able to shut out everything around you

that you actually become one with your work, and when this happens viewers of your art, weather it be on canvas, walls, sculpture, glass, teaching, gardening, carving, calligraphy, photography, accounting…..yes, even  accountants have that “zone” that they must be in because they are about perfection which is why I stress the point that in some way, shape, or form everyone is an artist…….

We we’re fortunate to have so much light bouncing around the room  that I knew this would be the perfect technique for the twin niches that are at the entry directly across from the set of columns that you had seen in my previous post

Plaster for niche's

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