Faux wood grain drywall built in entertainment center Naples Fl artist Arthur Morehead

Wood Graining

 Wood Graining

In Naples Fl.,

the art of Wood Graining is highly sought after.

Yachts, Entry Doors, Libraries, Stairway Panels, Overhead Garage Doors,and even vehicles

adorn some of the rarest and protected species of wood in the world and why the art form exists today. The art of wood graining goes back hundreds of year and has been passed down for generations.

Although many of the “Old World Recipes” have changed to a modern and more environmentally concerned era the techniques have pretty much remained the same

Like many other art forms it is a traditional art that is practiced and learned at several levels. Ranging from a more commercially convincing level to an ultimately realist high end result

which usually involves some of the rarest, extinct and most exotic types of woods in the world.

It takes a seasoned decorative artist who understands the structure of these exotic species of different woods and to masterfully render the realism of these rare woods.

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    1. Thanks again Victor, sure means a lot hearing this. You know yourself from experience it takes a lot of practice to grain correctly to get an authentic style and pattern design other wise without practice it all starts looking the same. In my area I have seen a ton of graining done, but you can not tell what kind of wood it is, lol

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