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Murals in Marco Island restaurants newest attraction by artist Arthur Morehead 239 417 1888


Anouncements of artists events, gatherings, music festivals, social events, in the

Naples, Bonita Springs, Marco Island, Estero Fl., and the Southwest Fl., area.

Yes there is a lot that happens, especially during the months of January through May, as that’s when we see many of our seasonal residents and vacationers visiting and enjoying the warm balmy weather and beautiful sandy beaches with gorgeous sunsets.

Most times artist Arthur Morehead is the busiest with his scheduled commissions and other artists events. However sometimes he does make it out to the public to meet and greet other artists and attend events including his own.

Yes that’s right

 “As a artist I try to make it a point to show my support for other artisans and participate by holding seminars and demonstrations. These events help to educate those who really do not understand what goes on behind the scenes of a decorative artist/muralist when it comes down to how much time is involved putting a commissioned art work together. It really can get quite involved before you even show up on site to either produce the actual finish or install one or several canvases.”

Other times I do it just to show off and make people laugh with some of the stories of the close calls and fails that I have had over the last 35 years that I have had a brush in my hands which has been entertaining to say the least sometimes.

It’s tough to keep up with so much that goes on in the area during this time of year (January through May) but I do try my best, as it is important to the arts in general for all to participate and share in the supporting of one another.

As artists, musicians, creatives, crafters, sculptures, film producers, actors, writers, and many more this time of year is the most critical for us to make our mark so to speak to survive the other 7 months of the year.


Schedule of Seminars and Demonstrations



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