Painted Palm Tree Mural by Arthur Morehead Art-Faux Wall Designs

Art-Faux Is Now Live

 Announcing; we are now broadcasting live streaming video over the internet. This is your chance to have your questions answered and/or discussed over a Live platform Whether you are a “Do It Yourself” kind of person or a professional artisan. This live interaction is for you.

We will also include live demos and instructionals on various topics.  Everything creative can be discussed by you the participants and/or a panelist.  By starting our own Live broadcasting station, you will have a place to get help and/or just hang out. Artists, creative businesses, Arts & crafts, homeowners are all welcome to sit a spell.

 Including and surely not limited to, marketing specialists, designers, developers and entrepreneurs that are dedicated to create digital solutions to every of your branding needs, including PR, content marketing and social media solutions.

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All creatives young or old 
can be a part of this community. Do It Yourself’ers Home owners, Arts & Crafts, Designers,
everyone is welcome, We are all artists who have a passion to create and learn from one another. 
As an artist and business owner
I have a number of things I have learned in the past 45 years that I think many could learn from. 

Yes this certainly a concern of all of us creatives. Through this forum of participants we will discuss several techniques and types of marketing plus what has worked and what hasn’t. Personally I have several techniques and I have shared in many of the social media platforms

Instructionals, Demos, Interviews, and more

Recorded live video interviews for Panel participants. To use on your website or any other promotional ventures. Demonstrations, How To Videos, Q&A sessions, and just generally having fun.