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May The Art Force be With You

Faux Painted Onyx
Onyx Marble Faux Finish
Paint wars?
Paint wars?

May The Art Force Be with You?

Oh Gawd I think I’m going to puke!

“May The Art Force Be with You”

looks like I am heading into a whole new art world In Naples Fl as everything is changing for me rather quickly. The title of “May The Art Force Be with You” I am having trouble grasping onto but what can I do? I really have no choice but to let it take over and run it’s course, because I am powerless to fight the changes as they are of a force that’s all too powerful than I, Yes I’m tired of fighting it and I know when I been whooped by the marketing gremlins, Trust me I been whooped by some the best marketing techniques and when they fail to produce I mean they really crash and burn hard It’s a learning thing unfortunately and if I told you my stats for the last few years, I think it would make you puke too

If I sound a bit cynical well I am as I am not one to lie down and take a beating like I have , it does happen. I have however learned a great deal from it and have made many changes to get myself back on top. If you look closely through the site you will find some pretty cool stuff I have changed For instance Using YouTube Live promoting other artists is huge. Below you will see that I am now selling T-Shirts that represent artists, writers, musicians etc

The other things I am doing is the website building (WordPress) and hosting since I have learned so much about SEO and webmastering .

My favorite though is what I am launching has to be the Live Broadcasting and streaming of my painting and the Faux Finishing learning products.. This is not your average stuff that I usually will share freely. Much of that stuff you can find on my membership site where the Forums will cover a lot of that.

I actually stopped giving my knowledge of 40 years away at the social media platforms because there were hundreds of bloggers who were taking much of my writing and pasting it to their won blogs and charging for it. Can you believe that crap? Well it does happen and some of it I have seen copied “word for word” Even my business name Art-Faux Designs Inc has been copied 17 times over the internet even though I owned the Trademark lmao but that’s another story in itself

It’s like the saying goes “where one door slams another door opens”…… yeah? well Fuck That. It is what it is and it’s just plain stealing

Yes I do believe it to be true. It also has it’s taste of realism as what I have been faced with my whole life as an artist, but for the past few years it has been far greater for me to face and fight on my own. I have asked more than once from others for help, but now my voice has fallen upon deaf ears. I don’t want to believe that others don’t care as they have their own problems to worry about, so once again I face life’s challenges on my own. (go figure). I would surely like to thank those who have tried to help by donating to my Go Funds Me Campaign

It has been this way my whole life as an artist and I guess I shouldn’t have figured it would get any easier even in old age. Most likely I will die this way living this struggle, Most don’t give a shit as long as I keep creating

You would figure I would be use to this as it has always been this way for me and I suppose it just goes to show that it never does get easier by any means. It just means you have to jump on board of that fucking bull and hang on to where ever he takes you, and drops you into what ever that next pile of shit he likes to watch you climb out of

Or maybe you could just buy one of these shirts and help support the arts My favorite is Hunter S Thompson but I would suspect everyone who represent “Sheeple” will pick Eric Clapton

Promoting other businesses is a great way to make a little side cash if they are good products. And of course the same goes for Artists, In my last monthly news paper there was a great article on "Banksy" that I thought was well written Who is Banksy you say? There really is not many people who have seen him however there are many who recognize his/her work when they see it. The  street artist has become known very well as a street artist as that is where he/she started to make a name for themself around the world. I wish to get an interview with him some day, but I have other things to do

Banksy wall mural
Banksy wall mural

As I see it there are many other artists and creative who could use the promoting here locally which is another feature I have added to my services. In fact I have really run amok with the different things I have added that Google is probably getting confused on how to index my pages. It's really pretty simple I have always been about the arts and supporting it and the creatives. So why don't they index my site everywhere like it use to be?

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