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Abstract Art, What is it?

Contemporary Modern Abstract Art with Trompe Loeil by artist Arthur Morehead of Art-Faux Designs Naples Fl
Trompe Loeil Modern Abstract Art (acrylic on canvas)

Abstract Art, What Is It?

is not what most of the new art is today. I call it “A Modern Mess” as there is nothing that is represented in much of it today.

It’s just something spontaneously done without representation to anything particular. I believe that Urban Art is closer to abstract or dare I say Picasso is to Cubism for instance. Jennifer Lindhorst in a quoted definition would be a simpler form of explaining it more of like what it is, rather than getting into a huge discussion about it

Abstract Modern Art by artist Arthur Morehead of Art-Faux Designs Naples Fl
Modern Abstract Art

However in terms of reality not many of today’s “buyers” don’t know a true abstract when they see it. They are mainly just liking what they see at the moment. This form of art gets very tiring to look at over time and eventually becomes worthless to the buyer and will either end up at the dump with the changing of the wallpaper or hanging up in the garage next to that old weed whacker with a blown piston that the old man paid too much money for. You just can’t seem to throw it out with the rest of the junk, when they find out it doesn’t carry much in resale value. The investment qualities like fine art and or canvas murals are not there. Hand-painted murals have a much higher value to a home’s resale value than any of the modern art of today. Commercial Graphic Art has much more value than what the “modern mess” is today. Now, this is only my opinion as a professional artist and doesn’t mean anything, however, I assure you my opinion will bring out the ones who take opinions personally which is what this is not meant to do…

Impressionistic Painting

which I have also seen get the Modern Mess confused with is even further away from the truth of Abstract Art and some even find it insulting when compared to the other.

When the mistake is made here it is obvious the one who confuses it with the other is just proving they know nothing of real art, but again they know what they like when they see it. These kind of buyers are now collectors and should invest in someone to manage their portfolio’s as it’s just like someone who tries to play the stock market without knowing what they’re doing. which eventually can end in a disaster and them sitting on a pile of worthless paper not knowing which hand to use to wipe their ass with it. The irony is that the framing is worth more than the art itself.

This piece I painted as a response to the Modern Mess of today. Believe it or not, it is a valuable piece as it’s only one of its kind in existence.

and is for sale. (Sorry but the blue tape is not included heheheh)

Contemporary Modern Abstract Art with Trompe Loeil by artist Arthur Morehead of Art-Faux Designs Naples Fl
Trompe Loeil Modern Abstract Art (acrylic on canvas)

Both these videos can be seen on my YouTube channel in which I have plans for many more like this as informational videos as to what my opinion is about certain forms of art and what I have learned over the past 50 years and can be taken for the grain of salt that they are.

You can also buy this piece for those who are interested in my work however there is even more work that can be bought like Landscapes, Seascapes, and so on.

Private commissioned work is also available along with various other such as Murals, Portraiture Figurative and Fine Art Just contact me through the website and we can discuss what you desire is. Of course, it’s all confidential and we can keep it all completely private if you wish. However, I do retain all copyrights to my work





Part Two of a Modern Mess with Trompe Loeil

I made this video to do a general explanation of what I meant, Only on this rendition, I have added a Trompe Loeil Frame that is easily recognized. So what would you call this?



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