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Art Marketing Co-op?

Art Marketing Co-Op?

What else would you call a membership site full of active creative artists and business owners From Freemont California to Naples Fl.,

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An artist friend of mine Mari-Lyn Harris of Sedona Pies who I have known for many years has a Google Plus Community

called “Food 4 Social Change”

Mari-Lyn Harris brought up a discussion about Art Marketing and holding a Co-Op kind of  Discussion and /or think tank topic on the membership sites or at least that’s the way I took it as what kind of discussion we were having with other people.

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Mari-Lyn adds, one of the projects I would like to see formed is a Marketing Co-op. I’m not the only one that gets tired of doing marketing solo,

Yes, of course, Mari-Lyn and this could only be of one such “topic” of many in a discussion and/or “Think Tanks” that members of the site can turn into a “learning process” as a group activity level for artists/creative business owners to learn from.

Mari-Lyn; It’s not (just) about learning from another marketing person, it’s about collaborating with each member and takes on something to help the group advance. Right now I am just collecting ideas.

Mari-Lyn writes

What kind of services would you like to see offered?

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+Mari-Lyn Harris I want to see services that get immediate results Like the ones I offer,

I have been proving my work immediacy for quite a few years now. You have seen it yourself and how well it works

As an Art Marketing Co-Op, however, I suppose I would be open to suggestions If all active members were to get something from it. Art-Faux Designs is offering many perks as it is now.  Some are free and others have low costs and fees. It all depends on the membership level.

Landscape painting Did you know that I still have blog posts that are still sitting on page one that is three years old and are still there?I have done this for other artists at no cost to prove my point. What gets me is most of them did nothing with it to try and monetize it, so there it sits. These are the kind of creatives who would rather have someone else do their marketing for them. This is fine of course however it isn’t going to get done for free.

Here I am going to create a list to show some options available to creatives, artists, and small business

  • First on the list would be you would get your own profile to write an artists bio and or a description of you and your business
  • The second would be a small art gallery to host your own artwork without competing with thousands of other creatives.
  • The third could be writing a blog post about you and your work to be published with pictures and/or videos locally or whatever area you would like to display your work and website.
  • Forums, I have many forums set up that can be accessed at any time at different levels. Again it just depends what your needs are.
  • Shopping carts will be available for those who would like to buy your artwork, crafts.

Live video recorded interviews and meetings with others designed for 30 minutes to an hour-long Think Tanks if not longer with other serious entrepreneurs and professionals.

Setting up scheduled events and art shows for your area are quite easily done. Even virtual art galleries and shows can be set up anywhere in the country and or the world

The SEO work is already taken care of and has been going on now for 9 years. My site is actually almost 16 years old and has a very strong history as I have taken care of it myself. So it isn’t going to go anywhere as long as I get the help it needs to keep it going through Donations and membership dues (Nothing is free no more)

This certainly falls into another kind of service that is offered by the membership site where it involves a personal art gallery, etc. Competitions in a virtual art gallery or possibly a Live Event. Depending on the status and position as a member.



Now I am including video recording and Live Shows Interviews to add to writing blog posts and even landing pages. I have expanded my knowledge tenfold. I want to see more artists take part in their specialties and learn how to “outsource” the things they are not qualified to do and speed up and expand their own creativeness, For instance, framing artwork, Gilding, Stretching canvas, making art cradles. writing and authoring short stories and even coloring books for adults and children, Teaching, mentoring, business coaching were old days of Forums and private networking in exclusive private groups, did this long before social media and Google was even heard of. These were the days of journals, Illustrations, sign painting, calligraphy, and sketchbooks.  Laura Avila Art Morehead my friends and I are talking about starting our own little (FaceBook) type page…so they can’t be dicks about it. We’re tired of that… (my GF ) was censored for mentioning marijuana…so dumb. My guess that it was Facebook themselves that yanked the rug out from under you and not the group admin. It happens all the time  Art Morehead Laura Avila Geesh I have seen the same thing, I have seen it all, I don’t do to bad keeping out the trolls, bashers, spammers, scammers, But it has gotten to a point that I can’t do this 24/7 for free anymore. I have to get paid for my time and costs that I accumulate for the members, such as hosted Galleries, Shopping Carts, web pages for gallery profiles Event listings web hosting website costs and maintenance all come with a cost. Groups are fine on Facebook and other social media However they can pull the plug on you at any time, Then what? I have seen it happen all the time and when it does you are totally screwed and have to start all over. Like I said I have a 16-year history on my blog/ site and no one can take that away no matter how broke I am I just need donations & subscribers to keep it going. Makes it even harder when you get floored by your health and does a 180 on you Art Marketing Co-op? 1😉 I suppose as a result it has given me more time to spread my wings as I am now producing more video and Live Art Shows so I can teach even more, But it has been one helluva ride to reinvent yourself in more than one way.

Kathleen O’Bannon Art Morehead what are you doing to make them upset with you????

 Kathleen, What would make you think and/or give (you) the impression it’s my fault? Art Marketing Co-op? 1😉

I speak facts and the truth and hold no punches. Sometimes the truth hurts but most who jump into “Discussion” out of nowhere are just trolls trying to start trouble as in most Social Media Groups. Some can’t handle sound advice and are pretty vain, Some are too sensitive or worse drunken sociopaths who need therapy and should not have accounts on social media sites at all I don’t ever get personal with no one. Giving sound advice when asked is something I have always done as any mentor, business owner, and teacher of art does. In today’s internet, most people just don’t read comments fully and assume things and interject what they “think” or want to believe. Which was not intended at all. Others just pop out of nowhere uninvited and unknown to a discussion and/or group. It never used to be that way.I have been painting all my life and have had two businesses and smaller ones to boot. People who have socialized and followed me for years will attest to that. What most know about me could fit into a thimble when it comes to my knowledge and life’s experiences LOL, Most just hate to be wrong is all, At least when I am wrong I will admit it.Kids today don’t grow up until they reach their 30’s these days. Many are still sitting in mom and dad’s basement playing video games and/ or poolside texting their friends of what club they are meeting at tonight. At least that’s the norm where I am at LOL.More and more people who hang out in private Forums and pay for exclusive memberships are far above this and are much more serious about what it is to be “entrepreneurs” who want the best no matter what the costs, as they understand the value of learning and networking with like-minded people. They especially love to help others and has encouraged me to start another Forum called

Home Improvement

You’re not going to get that from hanging on to social media. Social media is a place to party and find services to fix the shit that they tear up in my opinion……but then what do I know? I am just an old man with a paintbrush any more…..Peace   

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