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Artistic Created Websites

Artistic Created Websites Is Here
Artistic Created Websites Is Here

Artistic Created Websites For All Artists
is ready to launch.

Artistic Created Websites Is Here

I have always helped other creatives, one way or another, and decided to take it one step further by creating

Artistic Created Websites.

Over the many years that I have been an artist, I have used many mediums.

I guess you could say that Artistic Created Websites was first developed when I started
my first WordPress.org site back n 2004 or was it 2002?

Hmmm, anyway things were different when I started, and as in art WordPress had turned into a passion that I found fascinating. As a result of the continuing education that is involved because of the many facets attached to running a blog/site I have learned a number of things associated with building and managing websites

Art-Faux Wall Designs is my case in point

At the time back in 2002/2004, it was not hard to set up a WordPress.org site. In fact, your choice of a hosting service will set up a WordPress.org website platform for you but after that, you are on your own.  At first, you would just pick a theme that matched your type of business/personality and set up your basic pages and start blogging. Most basic free themes will even have the basic pages already set up for you. Simple, and it was so I thought…
There are several things to learn about running and managing a WordPress.org site which has more advanced features these days and makes it more user friendly if you’re willing to take the time to learn it. If you don’t know the basics and how to research to fix problems that can come up at any time then it would be a good idea to know a couple of WordPress developers or I would recommend joining the forums at

WordPress For Artistic Art-Faux2.com


 There are hundreds of “How To” videos and you can find a fix for just about any problem you come across. The forums have the most knowledge base for WordPress that you can get. However, there are a number of reputable websites than you can get help with too.

WordPress Management

is an art form all it’s own and I have a lot of respect for the developers who made this platform and provide it for free use. Now don’t get me wrong you really don’t need an education on WordPress Management but eventually you will learn more about it when taking care of your own website but this is one of the things I offer with

Artistic Created Websites

Optimizing the website is part of building custom and standard websites and is normally a standard with Webdesign. I mean what good is a website if it doesn’t perform correctly with at least a 2 sec page load speed.

Additionally, I learned about SEO (see What Is SEO) tactics and what king Google requires for good page rank and have followed and used it successfully not only on my site but others as well, but more info on that will be posted on

Artistic Created Websites

  To go along with SEO and why it must be done is for SEM (search engine marketing) and I did quite well with it, so I added more to my never-ending hunger for knowledge to help others get started with their own website that thinks it’s too difficult and/or time-consuming which is another reason why I have started Artistic Created Websites.

It seems everything turns into a passion with me when I start to learn something new…Some think I’m just obsessed and maybe even twisted as to why I can’t stop once I start something…who knows…who cares…I do it because I feel there’s a need that I can help with.

And of course, it is

In Association With Art-Faux Wall Designs

I mean if it were not for Art-Faux I probably would not have gotten as far as I have

Marketing For Artists

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