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Artists Internet Marketing | Basic

Art by Arthur Morehad (instructional)
Art work by Arthur Morehead
Art by Arthur Morehead (instructional)
Art work by Arthur Morehead

Artists Internet Marketing | Basic

I still have a ton of work ahead of me on Artists Internet Marketing

but I needed to get this going as there were many of you who are waiting to see these new additions to the site.

This artist site is for everyone, in general, it just so happens that I am an Artist Of Many Colors, which I use as my tag line now.

I will go through most of what I have added so far so you can see that everything will be under one roof. First of all, you can see it’s just a WordPress website for my business that has been running since 2004 which gives the site good credibility and scores well in reputation with Google so you know that I will always be here.

The whole reason I have made the changes was because of health issues that literally knocked my feet out from under me in an instant that it changed my life.

Most of you know about what had happened and I am not going to go into details as it is, what it is and I can only hope it gets better with time. Another thing you all know about me is how much I have shared with others when it comes to Internet Marketing, The Arts, and Small Business Mentoring in terms of what I have learned over the years including many art forms.

Then there is of course of what I have learned and tried myself when it comes to art marketing, business, the internet, SEO, webroot knowledge, Contract law, and so on from the many years that I have been in the paint industry and as a Professional Painting Contractor, I have been involved with general construction, commercially, and residential including remodeling, so I have an immense amount of experience even in Interior Design. So whatever you do think twice before you question my knowledge and experience in any of these public forums. If for any reason you need help with a problem just ask and I will help as much as I can and/or get you in the right direction to find out

One of my mentors said something once that stuck with me all these years that occurred at a networking gathering, you know the kind, Business to Business after five, eat free food, get drunk on free wine and beer you know that sort of thing. Someone had asked him for a business card once but had insulted him at the same time. (you know the type, a smartass) My mentor responded with “Sir what you know about me you couldn’t even fit into a thimble” and he walked away without giving him a card or anything, It drove the guy nuts and he followed him everywhere to try and get a card which he never did btw

Now not everyone is like this of course but it does happen more often than it used to. People have just become mean with the younger generation or maybe I am just getting old

Yes, I strongly believe in mentoring and I have had two in my life that I hold dear to me and still are highly regarded  I believe everyone in business should have had at least the experience of one if only for a short time,

Anyway ever since private forums, chat rooms, and social media have been around I have always given out my knowledge for free. Never once have I charged for my advice and/or asked for anything in return as it was another passion of mine to help others. Whether it would be for a certain product recommendation or a quick “How to” information,  referrals, I have always been very giving.

It’s what I do

However, something has changed in the last ten years with the many who have come second and even third generation that most just want to “take” and not give back and/or have just gotten mean and hateful even with the ones who try to help them, which is but only one reason why I have had to add these features to my website.

You see in social media I have not only owned, managed, and even mentored more than 60 groups for free (scary isn’t it) I showed others how to keep them clean and spam-free and ran many scammers out of them as I know internet marketing and how the scammers made their money and could spot the game a mile away, after all, there is a right way and a wrong way to making money online (yes I know how to do this also) I got very involved with protecting artists and creatives as they were the most vulnerable 10 years ago. Internet marketers were just robbing the shit of them and it drove me crazy. This is why I got so involved with social media as I did.

So, at any rate, this is why I started this blog in 2004

(or part of the reason I should say)

I guess I thought I was Captain America or some shit, who the hell knows.

Thus Art-Faux Designs Inc membership forums

If members want to follow me here I will welcome them to a free forum at one of the lower levels of my site. However any higher than that I have to charge for as I have dumped a lot of money into the benefits of each membership level.  Each level they are willing to pay for include everything from their own hosted art gallery, business site to their own shopping carts and even the SEO if they choose so. (Some rules apply).

There will be Live painting classes from fine art to decorative art and also Live video interviews done for your own marketing on and/or offline as well. (with paid fees). Who knows maybe we will even get some interviews and demos from some of the top artists around the country. This will be for All creatives and small business owners, however, this is not cheap to do and I am broke from the costs that I have put into it so far and had to create 4 levels of the membership site which are

Free, Bronze, Silver, and Gold.

Each one will be listed under the membership page which I will leave a link to here with a short description of each level

So if you want to join now under the free membership and work your way up you can but this will only be open to a limited number of members as I can’t handle many at one time just as I had done with

my Basic Internet Marketing Site I have on LinkedIn where I only allowed 100 members at a time and I filled that in less than two weeks and have a waiting list of 180 members from the past

Once again it is 5;30 am and I must get some sleep so I will tweak this in the morning and it will finally be launch day tomorrow. So don’t sit on the fence about this as I will be sending this out to my first 100 Basic Internet Marketing Members first.

I would like to thank you all for your support in the past but now it is time for me to get serious about my future as I am not getting any younger and wish to expand into my own working gallery to help many more creatives and small businesses in the fu

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by filling out the contact form below to get started on your own profile

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3 thoughts on “Artists Internet Marketing | Basic”

    • Thanks Warren I did have much more than what I have now until Google started tearing down bridges to the poor schmuks that were only trying to make a living. But now I need to do it more than ever being that half my mobility was eliminated from sudden health issues.

    • Thanks Warren I have to make it work As I have no choice in the matter, I am nearly temporarily done with certain things to the website and come back to the other thing I need to finish. I am setting up my Live Streaming show and narrowed down the formats to three, until I get a memory upgrade on my desk top (Too much lagging on 8 Gig of memory) Need at least 16

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