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Artists Living “A Field Of Dreams?”

Field of dreams
Field of dreams

Artists Living “A Field Of Dreams?”

A discussion on Facebook brought this to mind while giving a little free mentoring to an up and coming artist who is wanting to start building her own little Art Gallery and a Field Of Dreams in the vastness of the cybor world we all know as the internet.

Field of dreams
Field of dreams art by Robert Bruno

Artists Living A Field Of Dreams are most likely hobbyists who delve in the Arts and Crafts side of art. Some will go on to open up local boutiques when they find out how talented they are. They’re the kind of artists living in a creative world where they’re all over the place in the art world. Most can not decide what art form it is they like most as they have such a passion for all of it.

There was one of many comments from several others in response to my comment in a discussion about the “Pros and Cons” of building and making an “Artists Living” with a blog.   Some believe it’s just a “Blog” at first.  Of course this is so far from the reality of it that most don’t understand until they get deeper into it for a couple of months or even years of what it actually requires. I explain to her the many hats you put on as you progress in the building an Artists Living which reminded me of how much work goes into making an Artists Living. Just as “Ray Kinsella” (Kevin Costner) put into building the baseball field in “The Field Of Dreams”

Kevin Costner Field Of Dreams
Kevin Costner Field Of Dreams

I go on to explain that because it is all relative to other careers that when building a blog you begin to learn how much more there is to it. The longer you maintain an interest in your piece of cybor space the more fascinating it becomes. In my case I have a passion for learning,  teaching and mentoring others, especially when it comes to business and making an Artists Living for nearly 40 years.

Just as “Ray Kinsella” (Kevin Costner) found out that he did not know why he was chosen to build the field all he knew is it must be done. I feel the same way about teaching and mentoring others, So I suppose you could call my membership site my little own “Field Of Dreams” Build it and They Will Come!

This was one of the comments made during the discussion. I was referring to what you learn as you are building your blog and how you could actually take from what you learn and spin it off into other careers, Here is part of her response that I had received;

Not sure what you are referring to with “building on 4 to 5 new careers for yourself” though?

Well, you are learning about several things at the same time when you do make the decision as they are all relative to the building your own little piece of “cybor realestate.” You will be learning about “Internet marketing”, “Websight Design”, SEO, (webmastering), “Authoring,” “blogging” which makes it even more interesting because eventually you can turn these into additional income. Like I said it’s all relative and inclusive like it or not, . Some think that all it is, is just buying a domain name and popping up a blog and that’s it. It’s not the simple I’m afraid.  You need to bring traffic and sales to your “store/gallery” As with making an “Artists Living” it takes a lot of work, as it does with any business, Even Kevin Costner found that out in the making of  “Field of Dreams” He had to work his butt off to get the spooks to come out, lol There is no such thing as a Silver Bullet when it come to building a business and that goes for making an “Artists Living” with their own “Field Of Dreams” Sometimes you must lose it all before you know why you’re here on this earth to begin with. Just like in the movie Ray Kinsella had lost nearly everything just as I have. Maybe my building of my membership site has a purpose. I suppose you could call my membership site as an

“Artists Living” with my own “Field Of Dreams” “Build it and He will come”

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