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Computer Miracle

Computer TeamWorks Bob Szantos

 Introducing Computer wiz Bob Szanto

of TeamWork Systems of Naples Fl

I wanted to take the time out to thank  this special person  and 

give a “Shout Out” 

to Bob Szantos

 who came to my rescue in a time when I thought everything was lost due to a “locked HDD password” on my Dell Latitude e6540 laptop.

I know it seems like a simple solution if it were not for the fact that I was completely broke (literally) due to a health issue that had seemed to hit me over night. This put me out of work immediately and without income. Not to mention that the art world flat lined as the housing market took a big dump in our faces. (not a pretty sight)

Yes, it was a strange incident as it happened over night.
 I woke up one morning was not able to stand or walk and just fell to the floor, What was strange is I felt just fine everywhere else. The only thing I could think of is I had just experienced a kidney stone issue and was issued some meds to get me through the excruciating pain that comes with kidney stone problems. Not uncommon at my age then of 54. Other than that I was a pretty healthy guy and very rarely ever got sick other than a cold once in a while. Well needless to say I was ran through the gauntlet of tests going through the kidney stone fiasco and nothing was discovered or found except for the stones of course.

Of course this isn’t about my health and I have done enough ranting about it in other posts People in general really dont want to hear about it anyway, as we all have issues as life has in line for us anyway .  Moving right along.

Bob Szantos my computer hero.


I have known Mr. Szantos for many years from networking in the Naples area and were both BNI members for several years

Computer Miracle 2


I want to keep this as short as possible to not bore you all with details. I write about this in response to what others have said about needing to get another hard drive, mother board, and as far as getting a new computer and of course non of these were the answer. Most don’t know what to do with HDD loss password situation and is not as simple as resetting it, because it is at the Hard Drive level and not at the Operating System. You need to get at the BIOS settings (if you can) and be able to “reboot” and start your system. First of all…

Yeah I know this is all “french” to you and like many of us do is just hand the computer over to “the tech guy”, write a check and ask him and/or her to fix it. Buying a new system which you don’t need anyway,is the last thing you need to hear especially when you don’t have the money and you’re in the middle of reinventing yourself and having to start all over in life. I was desperate but I kept my faith and refused to give up.

With this part of my life behind me now I can finally push ahead and start painting and teaching again. Life can get awful crazy at times and this is one of them. Something you must know is you are not alone. There are a number of us in the same canoe paddling with nothing more than our passion to help others  Jumping up to the plate to help others has a much more rewarding experience.

Once again thank you Robert Szantos at TeamWorks for all your help.

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