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Hey, Scumbag!

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Hey Scumbag!

Come with me if you want to live!

I wonder if it’s true what they say about Artists, SEO, Semantic Search?

Ahaaaa caught you by surprise huh?

 I thought I would give it a try and see if it rings true. Of course, many of you artists already know how I feel about SEO, Semantic Search, and the “Big Three” so I am not going to go into that,


However, searching the internet has changed quite significantly the last couple of years where it seems to be getting easier to get to the front page of the SERP’s (Search Engine Result Pages) if you do it the right way. If I sound like I am rolling around in a big steaming plate of Art Marketing crap again then you would be right.

Well, that’s exactly what the plan is here. I also wanted to plug another addition to my site and have now included a “Forum” to have fun with. I mean there’s a Free side and a more serious paid membership side of things where you can have a gallery and shopping cart and other cool stuff and I’ll even host a page or two or three for you if you want to hang art work out on a 12-year-old site for some great SEO and art marketing that I consistently work on,

but for now, I am just getting my feet wet with the forum stuff. There are many other things I will be connecting within a new social media kind of way to prove you don’t need the Big Three for your web traffic.

Of course, it’s always good to have a listing for branding reasons but when they choke the shit out of you from a web traffic standing point what good is it really?

Anyway, I have made some really interesting discovery following my Google+ friends on the other hand that has done some really cool things with, SEO, Semantic Search, and the HOA (Hangouts On Air) concept which I like Then there is LinkedIn once again coming out with the Alignable addition to social media based on a more localized side of the search engines. It really blew me away as to how powerful it is and it puts you in direct contact with other businesses right in your own neighborhood. How cool is that?

Then there are other things I have been working with that I have lost faith in which I will talk about in the forums that I think you’re wasting your time and money on, it’s too bad, as they started out pretty strong in my opinion, but hey shit happens, you know?

Like George Carlin said they don’t give a shit about you while bending you over and servicing the contract

I had to do some serious thinking since I got slammed dunk from a health issue that has put me at home most of the time these days. Although I am still doing my thing in the faux finishing world and my mural painting, it’s just now I have added more details to my work and more services to my business and website. such as Live Painting and video interviews for small businesses and of course more clowning around with titles like Hey Scumbag for Artists, SEO Semantic Search. I have also added a couple of online shopping stores.

So if you think I was “out there” before wait until you see the rest of it

Acrylic balastrads Luster stone stairs
Remodel in Naples Fl

I actually thought it was time to make my site work for me for a change instead of everyone else. Poor thing has been through a lot the last 12 years of SEO trial and errors and was getting tired. So I started a second and third one to play around with and leaving the poor guy alone for a while and was surprised at what happened after I did. as far as the SEO and Semantic searches go

There are a few other things I have discovered that I will be going over and adding more time to being that the art market is still on turtles back. Someone needs to set a fire under his ass and get him out of this mode of a slow crawl or get him the hell out of the way. There are a lot of artist sites that are riding on the same turtle I have found and have not kept up with the changes that the new web has been up to in the Google Zoo

The faux finishing market seems to be as steady as it was last year for some but not for others I have seen more and more Faux finishers throw their towels in for something different. It’s rough out there people however there are others who are thriving because they are in just the right place at the right time competing with painter contractor pricing. Many are referred to as “specialized painting” instead of artists but hey, “it is what it is” as I heard a lot of them say.

Luster Stone Walls Naples Fl Art-Faux Designs
Love how these two textures

It’s amazing how much the art market terminology changes along with the market changes which is another discussion I will be having in the marketing forum soon. You should at least join the Free level if you want to be updated and/or join our newsletter to keep updated as I decide on which format I can use at the moment as it’s not cheap as what you may think it is. lol

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