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Interior Painting?|Spray, Brush or Roll?

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Interior Painting? Spray, Brush or Roll?

I have been painting professionally for nearly 40 years. So it’s nice to see some of the “tricks of the trade” still being used for interior painting in Naples Fl. But there is a right way and a wrong way to use them, as a Miami Fl Painter

Henry Lopez of True Star Painting Solutions


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Demonstrates in his video.

 I discovered “King Henry” on a YouTube Channel where he shows us one of those “tricks of the trade”. By demonstrating the use of a spray shield it can be used to cut costs when it comes to some types of interior painting.

. This is where a video is so helpful. However, it does take practice to learn how to handle spray shields It’s like any other “trick of the trade” as it can work both ways for you and can either work beautifully or get you to knee deep in crap to put it politely

I think I will just put it here as a post and move it later. The reason I am posting this because I loved the way he uses the shield when painting out this room. In both my Paint contracting and

My decorative arts business

It’s rare that you find a person that is so efficient with using a shield when some of us can’t chew gum and walk at the same time. lol but that’s whole other story that I really don’t want to get into.



So who is this masked man?

King Henry True Star Painting, Cutler Bay Fl.
TrueStar Painting Solutions

Henry Lopez True Star Painting Solutions


22743 South West 88th Path
Cutler Bay, FL 33190

Although this post would qualify more to be in my Home Improvement Forum

Here is a couple of comments I thought I would add (including my own) that I thought would fit in this post and a link to King Henry TouTube Channel as well


Published on Apr 14, 2015


First coat done with sprayer, 411tip, 2nd coat was back rolled!!! Doors and trim are always painted after, Carpet was replaced for tile. When I first started painting! Made a couple mistakes back than, but I keep mastering my craft. Thanks


Tamás Szügyi
Seems he used the shield perfectly for about 80%. Just watch around the door and the section over- and side of the windows, also he made a huge line of paint with the edge of the shield on the carpet (between the doors). If he wasn’t running for the best time I bet he would do it perfectly. :-\ I would be happy to see a closeup of the dried wall, where he made multiple passes of spraying. But I have to admit: roughly it seems very good, but that wouldn’t be enough for me.

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My Response,

I would agree with you to the point of the “race against the clock” i.e. Turning that 9 min into 12 min would give a little more time to improve the quality of the end result, I also understand the point of bringing in the views and subscribers to (YouTube) and thought it was a great marketing draw. I mean they have nearly 2000 real comments (Brilliantly done in my opinion)

Using the shield is not meant to give you a perfect finished product, Its use is actually designed to give a cleaner result so you can speed production time upon the final application via B & R It also prevents the “flashing” appearance from building up the millage of paint around your trim (very important). The line you saw was because of to much paint on the shield and not taking the time to scrape it off ( it happens) In time you learn to use the tools with both hands and are able to switch from one side to the other (left to right ie) It comes with practice like everything else when it comes to repetition (think factory assembly ie).

The other thing that impressed me was the fact they did not remove the doors which tells me they are also learning to master that end of spraying. I have had to retrain every one of my spraymen and girls personally to show the correct way to spray doors while hanging on the hinge no matter how tight the hallways are, even if they had 20 years of experience. This not only saves the stress on their backs but also the liability of removing those 8 ft 200 lb ‘ers out of their already acclimated areas and avoid those manufacturers warranty cancelation issues not to mention work comp. injury claims and door warpage liabilities.  ;-))

King Henry as he refers to himself on Instagram has a very impressive collection of a photo library of past work and videos that I was also impressed with because I am just now starting to utilize the website myself. Yes I know I am a bit behind the times however it better late than not at all. It’s just I have been very busy revamping and reinventing myself since the health changes I had experienced a few years ago.

I literally had to do a 180 in my way of life as I mostly custom paint private commissions on canvas these days, plus do a number of other services through my blog site

I turned the site into an exclusive membership site for creatives, DIY’er, homeowners to include a Home Improvement Forum for those who need assistance on a variety of topics and issues who may need some help with Home Improvement Projects and you can join this limited membership site now for as little as $5.00 for a limited time only.

Here is more information about this new dog with old tricks of the trade on his Instagram page if some of you are interested in contacting and/or viewing more of this company’s work.

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