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Live Streaming Art Classes

Landscape painting
Landscape painting

Live Streaming Art Classes?

Update; Due to Covid-19, The Live Streaming Art Classes have been put on hold until I revamp the Live Stream page to accommodate a virtual classroom. I have not changed anything in this article for archival reasons. I believe the topic still holds true today.

Let’s keep this simple, I have been asked many times “why am I not teaching?” Simply?

At the time I wrote this post on Live Streaming Art Classes I was very busy at the time.

I have reduced my workload and have fallen into what’s called a
“semi-retirement mode”
At this point, I am ready to bring my knowledge to an online service that I am building and should be ready soon for
Live Streaming Art Classes

Anyway that’s enough for my update and now on with this old post and sign up for more updates at the end of this post

Some marketers are falling out of their seats right now because of how blunt I am with this statement. However the facts are facts, the internet has become expensive over the last 5 years and I just can’t keep my site running with Free advice any longer,

Can you? I tried it and went broke doing it.

I have several features available on my membership site, for those who are serious about learning how to paint as an artist should. Included with these Live streaming Art Classes. There will be private galleries for artists with their own profiles and many other features


A short interview with muralist Eric Schlage in the video above is certainly a start

Peacock mural Progress
Peacock mural in Naples Ceiling

There are many Forums to communicate with others for knowledge also. Not only will the Forums bring traffic to the members on my 15-year-old SEO history. So does the fact that this site is a secluded “via invitation only ” type of Art site. Each member’s Art Gallery will be indexed and submitted with their own Sitemaps and will become searchable and indexed on the internet, No Spam, No Scams. No Bullshit. I shoot straight from the hip as I always have. I don’t care what other marketers are doing as I know what works for me. Which will be another class discussion think tank available. This is not your typical learning site. This is about learning from one another

Many of you know me from several groups on social media and a few of them I have owned and managed for many years I am not new to this and have grown tired from managing these huge sites. It’s time to keep it small where I can give more personal attention to the members.
Landscape painting
Landscape painting

We will begin this site with a lot of interaction and participation from the members themselves as to improvements additions and even changes we need to make this site as a success The classes are by my choice whether they be about painting, trees, skies, figurative, still life, whatever the case maybe. I will also be teaching decorative art and faux finishing. These Live streaming videos will be recorded and available to members only who have paid for them. But also some will be available publicly as well

There will also be Live Video Interviews recorded and edited for the members professionally formatted available for their own use and promotional value.  I am going to keep this short as I want to hear comments and questions from all who are interested.

Murals in Marco Island restaurants newest attraction by artist Arthur Morehead 239 296 7966
Murals in Marco Island Fl Newest Attraction (photo by Michelle Smith)

With that being said Please leave comments and questions below as I put together a page on Q and A, Remember to keep it clean and respectful of others

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