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Marketing for Artists and Faux Finishing

McCabes mural color study Naples Fl artist Arthur Morehead
Color study 1 of McCabes Pub 5th ave South Naples Fl

 Marketing for Artists and Faux Finishing

Articles are appearing in the search queries more these days as the economy keeps us on our toes. especially in the faux finishing market. Then along comes a website like Thumbtack.com which stands to be a bit different in the

“pay per lead” type of lead generation website that is doing

 some things a bit different to help at the local level of internet marketing that is actually helping in the faux finishing niche of the arts that I came across. In an open discussion on one of the boards on Facebook, a question came up that I thought I would post my response here on my blog.

A question from decorative artist Donna M. Bauer asks;

Yes, while I am a bit disappointed (re; to a job match)

it was a good experience and I am now comfortable using


So now Art, I have a question to your original

request of this post….I can review you even if you have not

done any work for me and vise versa?

My response is to a question about filling out a review on another artists profile which is strongly suggested as part of a no-cost listing on Thumbtack.com

Yes, you can write a “review” for anyone on just about anything,

just as you can write a “book review” ‘movie review’,’product’ or

whatever the case may be. They also have a ‘referral’ section as

well, which is different than a review.

The review is an opinion and not to be confused with a referral. These appear to be set up mainly to

show up in the local SERP’s rather than say in the National or

International  SERP’s (search engine results pages).

I thought it was a pretty brilliant way to reach more of the local market when searching the internet for a local business. The beauty of it is that it can work both ways. For instance if

someone buys a vacation/retreat home in Memphis and are from

California and needs work done while they are gone. They are going to

want someone local most likely and if they see someone in the

same trade giving a nice ‘review’ simply because of networking,

 most likely they are going to follow through with selecting this artist, faux finisher, or business owner based on your review as a professional yourself.

I have networked with hundreds of artists across the world including many of you here on Facebook for years

and yet have never met many of you personally. But I DO know some of you well

enough that I can give a fantastic review of your work!

Some of us go back as far as Murals Plus and even before The Faux Forum, Facebook, and even any picture hosting sites such as Flickr and video was just a wish.

This adds to the trust and to the integrity of that Decorative Artist, Faux Finisher, and Business Owner

profile helping the one who is viewing it make their decision to

call you.

Internet marketing, and business networking,  is king these days even for

Artists, faux finishing, and business in general

I have often received emails or comments on my blog asking if I know of anyone say in

the Orlando Fl. area that could possibly do some of the things I do

and I respond by saying of course I do. At that point, I will

contact other faux finishing, decorative artists who I know up there and see if they are busy or not and

pass on the information. You see a ‘review’ covers that in a

sense because the person viewing the profile will most likely

follow through, especially if it’s coming from another

professional. I believe Thumbtack.com has really got the right idea

taking into account that B2B networking is a huge factor in

“Word of Mouth” advertising game and the people of higher education

and income levels (college degree professionals) understand the

differences between a review and a referral.  Thumbtack I

believe are in it to help small businesses and not so much as

the greed part like all the other ‘Pay per Lead’ companies who

want $40-50.00 per lead before you really even get any kind of

viable information to help you make that choice of whether the lead is

for you or not, plus it’s free to sign up with no setup fees.

I mean this is really a no-brainer and could help significantly

with genuine local traffic to your site from people who

really are specifically looking for what you do. In my

opinion, this reaches far beyond what Facebook does. The fact

that the majority of Facebook users are not here to find fine

art or artists,  they are there to party and play games and

socialize and don’t really care what it is you do. However, sites

like Thumbtack.com are just the opposite and know how to reach those

target markets that we all need.

There are a few other websites I am looking at that are also showing some very impressive SEO

work focused on the higher end businesses in the small local

business niches that are fairly new I am testing. It’s like I

have been saying fine art collectors don’t come to Facebook looking

for fine art and neither do people who are looking for fine

European finishes that are of higher education especially the

ones who literally take a simple phrase like “Faux Painter” to

make their decision on whether they want to hire you in the

first place. I mean think about it ……Do you think someone of

the elite status is going to hire someone who calls themselves a

Fake Painter or a Fake Artist? Or someone who has the

initiative to call themself simply an Artist or Decorative

Artist. It’s all about knowing your market!

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  1. Hey Art, Just stumbled across this blog…lol> I see it was written over a year ago. I had no clue you would use my question as a blog. Does this make me famous now? hehe

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