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Naples Fl. Art Connoisseur,

Faux wood graining garage door
Mohagany Faux Woodgraining

Naples Fl. Art Connoisseur,

Before we get too involved with this post let’s first let’s see how the definition is written for an Art Connoisseur. Whether it be Art, a Fine Wine, or even exotic food, I for one don’t believe that there are many who actually know what a Connoisseur is, do you?

Ledges Hotel California Fine Wine
Fine Wine of California, Ledges Hotel


Hell, even my website hosting is the best. Yours can be too, but that’s a different post and another topic for the forum.


Hot Glass art of Beverly Albret
Glass artist Beverly Albret work


Anyway here is how it’s defined,


a person who is especially competent to pass critical judgments in an art Particularly one of thefine arts, or in matters of taste:

a connoisseur of modern art.

This came to my mind as when asked by Sadona Pies Mari-Lyn Harris Marketing For Artists of just one of many groups I frequent on social media. I contribute my thoughts, knowledge and years of experience to just as I do in my own membership forums.

Mar-Lyn Harris has a group on Facebook she operates and asked
“Describe who your ideal customers are”

My Favorite Kind of client is the one who desires education about art. This happens to me all the time when I can get the work as the clients are so amazed at my knowledge and versatility. Especially my murals, graining, and ornamental painting, Of course, most of the clients have art on their walls but sometimes don’t know enough about it and/or have a real desire to learn more about it i.e. style, time, period, Many of them will spend at least an hour with me every day to gain more knowledge of it especially when they like it but don’t know the reason why. Many don’t know that general architecture was not painted in the 15th to early 17th century because no one understood perspective correctly and painted very dark and/or obscured backgrounds. Some find this fascinating, Much was painted using lenses and reflections. If you look closely at the old masters’ work you can tell this by observing that many of the figures are not directly looking at one another. They were placed in the paintings at different times and places.

It’s very important to me to understand the personality of the client when it comes to how they value the art and why. Some I can’t work with at all because they have no knowledge and or care to know about a certain piece. They just know of the investment value of it. (the elite) I could go on and on as this is a subject that can be answered with a few short sentences. I could write a book on the subject and why I have started a forum on my website for special think tanks on this kind of thing to help with the marketing for artists, creatives, and even small business owners. Homeowners/collectors of fine art are welcome to join in the conversations as well.

Beach Mural by Arthus Morehead Art-Faux Design Naples Fl
Progress picture

remember Live Art Broadcasting/Streaming is also here for demonstrations promotions and teaching perspectives. There’s a lot to see and watch here on our website and even some pretty cool merchandise that can be bought as limited edition prints and actual fine art from myself and other members. If everyone would help support the arts, wouldn’t it be a better world?…….Peace!……


Ceiling Tissue Application

Hand Made Furniture

Another Faux Marble on Columns

Faux Tortoise Shell

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