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Reba McEntire a Survivor again?

Reba McEntire a Survivor an Article by artist Arthur Morehead Photo by
Reba McEntire a Survivor

Reba McEntire & Video

Even the best entertainers such as Reba McEntire are using video for teaching and mentoring.

An artist my whole life surviving in Naples Fl since 1987 many of my favorite musical artists are survivors So when I saw Reba McEntire listing on www Master Class.com I thought many of my followers would appreciate letting them know of my latest discovery.

Since my latest health adventure has limited my climbing, I, of course, have had to increase my online presence and search for more ways to add to my diversity of creative ways to increase my income (hopefully) being that my lost has really put me in the survival trick box and at 55 years old this is no laughing matter by any means.

I began my research of what others have done and/or be doing. Now of course I have been raised on country music and Harley Davidson mindset in which there is no giving up and/or quitting. My family just does not allow it.

I have tried a few things including the Go Fund Me Campaigns to help me keep my art studio alive but of course, that is not working out so well, although it did give some hope in the beginning and of course, praying as hard as I can keep my faith alive but this has only been keeping me from losing my mind as it seems I need a miracle at this point to hang on until sales pick up on my artwork and website features. However, let me tell you first of how I got into video in the first place.

You see I began getting into video and producing How To DVD’s a number of years ago long before High Definition and 4K when equipment costs were actually impossible for an artists income to reach, however, I did through my infatuation of learning that nothing was going to stop me even after I found out the costs of having an instructional type medium such as an hour-long instructional DVD cost was anywhere from $7,000 to $60,000 and I thought “That’s bullshit” ( I knew it could be done cheaper)

In my own mind, I knew producing DVDs could be done for much less than that thus putting me on a self-educational method of learning about this and doing it myself.
Boy and what an interesting ride it has been! This was (as I called it)
“My Fear and Loathing Quest for video and Film”

yes, I am a big fan of
“The Duke” Gonzo Journalist Hunter S. Thompson
I actually learned a lot about the video process and why the costs were as high as they are. The editing time is unquestionable and depending on your subject matter can drive you mad. Sometimes my recording time would take 8 to 16 hours and when you include 20 hours of editing you better have a subject matter that’s going to sell to be successful at it in a short period of time.
If it doesn’t, it begins to stink over time as I found out. Even though I made a half a dozen of them selling only 2 or 3 a month just would not cover the costs alone.
You need to have at least 20 to 30 of these beauties on the various subject matter. Even though I did sell a few my video quality sucked so I pulled them off the market until I could improve on that which lead me to the $20,000 to over $100,000 discovery of high definition camera equipment which really was a huge disappointment. The time I put into the self-education I knew I could use later somewhere else which I am not going to get into with this writing. After all this about Reba McEntire.

I have been a fan of Miss Reba my whole life because of her byline “I am a Survivor” and the truth of the matter is she is truly the epitome of the phrase because of what she has endured in her life as an artist and her uncanny refusal to give up even after losing the majority of her band in a 1991 plane crash near San Diego California even then she pushed on.

The winner of 90 Country Music Awards & nominations since 1984 and even nominated for a Golden Globe awards for her television show “Reba” plus others from her acting and movie career. It truly has been an astonishing life for the little lady from McAlester Oklahoma. So you can only imagine my excitement when I ran across this website which has given me newfound hope when I need it most because honestly at this time the only hope I have is the many things I have added to my website are really the only thing I have to rely on as to becoming a “Survivor”

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