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What do Artists/Creatives Fear?

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What Do Artists/Creatives Fear?

Artists/Creatives fear the same thing most of the times, and in my case

Another month has gone by and still not much has changed. Maybe someone could possibly shed some light as I have pretty much-exhausted everything at this point.

The irony is I kind of like not having all those interruptions while concentrating on my own piece and/or commissioned work

Cell phones are gone now so I am only limited to social media and email as a point of contact. but you know I was really surprised as to how many other creatives have also done the same thing?

Did you know the most common response I got from 90% of them was? They said it was the best move they ever did!

However, in my case, I have added Live video painting and interviews.

Of course, my faith is strong and I believe that there must be some reason for this. As I know some artists that won’t even touch a cell phone or even carry one for that matter So maybe this is a good thing?

So I thought I would turn my focus over to another passion of mine of music. Then of course writing is another. I am a difficult person to understand because I just can’t do one without the other. Just step through the mirror and go ask Alice shes the only one who understands me I think.
I got an email from an artist friend of mine who lives in Scottland and was turned on to this

Scottish band called “Aether”.

I found this was some remarkable listening on SoundCloud, I could paint for hours listening to these guys, very easy on the ears but thought-provoking on the mind. Been listening for over an hour now. Music like this makes me think about my life’s accomplishments and what I have endured in my life. I suppose that’s what life is about?
You have to take the bad with the good, it really sucks as I have been down these roads on more than one occasion. It does not really matter when it happens it just does. It’s the unexpected timing is what really screws your mind up,
Yeah, that’s right I said it. After fighting for so long searching for a reason to my downfall there just comes a time when you have to just sit back and listen to music to gather your thoughts and clear your head and say WTF

Writing always seems to help me realize that the end is nearly here for this dusty dry road and maybe that light you see at the end of a tunnel is a train after all, (Who knows?) Could it be the powers at be? possibly, Or could it be it’s the way things are meant to be? A never-ending battle to the crossroads, of life? Life has a strange way of directing you to decisions that seem so wrong when in fact it is actually meant to be. I know I have been placed on this earth to paint and teach but why does tragedy have to be so much part of it also? Wisdom maybe? If that’s the case then I must be the wisest person I know, but how can that be possible? as with every tragedy comes a new or in some cases reborn wisdom so to speak. Of course, this is coming from an artist’s mind and way of thinking, that sometimes it even scares me. And yet most times it inspires me.
Change is a good thing I realize that but it’s still hard for an old stubborn fool like myself that it takes a tragedy to make me understand the changes and keep following the old dirt road I have been chosen to follow. In the most serious cases as a young man, it actually took a couple of near-death turns and out of body experiences. Of course, I would not expect many to believe that unless they had experienced it themselves so don’t ask me to explain it. Trust me it’s real
I suppose another thing I have come to learn about life and marketing is that it is true if you don’t stay out there in front of the public and other things that people will forget about you very quickly….even family as we have learned from the homeless. My biggest fear in life is loneliness. Not even death itself scares me. I believe that’s what’s happened in my current situation that people have just forgotten about artists and the decorative arts and many artists and creatives like me.

At any rate, if you join my forums maybe if we all work together we can figure out what we can do. It’s surely a different world out there today Sitting around on our schools and not doing anything about it is not the answer but I bet working together and trying to create and bring more innovation to the arts and creatives including small businesses and working as a collective could be a great thing

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