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Fine Art Classes

Fine Art Classes

Get ready for our fine art classes coming soon to the Art-Faux Designs Studio opening this fall

This page is where we will be listing all of our fine art classes for all ages. The concept of creating an open working studio environment will be a magnificent venue for all fine artists to learn and grow from one anther has always been a dream of mine.

Personally, I love sharing and teaching what I know it just makes sense that after the 30 plus years of slinging a paint brush around that teaching would be the next level. Especially when you start to approach the time in your life when you realize that of course you’re not getting any younger and the days of climbing and throwing 60 to 80 pound buckets of fine art plaster are no longer part of your physical ability.

I suppose at some point in every fine artists life you become humbled and maybe even a bit melancholy because you know you are facing the end of an era of your life, however where one door closes many more open and present newer opportunities and even more exciting fine art adventures.

It seems the older I get with my failing eyesight and the partial deafness that I have always fought with as a child, the more aware I have become of hearing the intensity and the beauty within the music and my uncanny ability I can see  a third dimension of color as if it were speaking to me through the music that I can no longer hear or understand the lyrics to. The more of my loss of both sight and sound that has become apparent with every year of growing older the more it seems they are becoming one. So I ask myself am I going deaf? obviously …Am I going blind? Could be….If it is meant for me to become deaf, blind  or even both does that mean I cease to be creative and fail as a fine artist? ……Never! I would die first!

Welcome to Fine Art Classes

Stick around you may find you’re way down the proverbial rabbit hole…

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