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Wall Painting For Interior Home Designs

Grotesque ornamental painting on Distressed faux wood panel
Winged Horse Stencil by Vigini Paint and Design

Wall painting for Interior Home designs

usually involves the use of wall paint and a few tricks of the trade

When mixed with a few faux finishing techniques you can have a wonderful combination with great end results.

Interior designers today are using a mix of wall paint, and faux finishing for interiors to the point where they meld together to create a house decorating technique that is unusual to the point of a new home design that takes on an art deco kind of feel that I have found that works very well together.

When discussing home design with a client not only is faux finishing included in the conversation so must the current wall paint that exists within the area. The home designs of today are much different than they were a few years ago with such styles as modern, contemporary, and transitional,  that it almost takes on an art deco kind of feel. Some are using wall paint in a more modern style that almost mimics the days of art deco when the use of color intensity was the rave.

As artists we must be able to adapt to the current changes and be versatile enough to satisfy the needs of the home design market weather it includes wall paint, faux finishing, fabric and even glass and metal for interiors.

With my background I have been using wall paint as a means for interior house decorating for years even when faux finishing was rarely known and back then it was not even referred to as faux finishing.

Which brings me to the reason of why I am writing this post on the subject of wall painting for interior home design.

The economy has surely taken its toll on the faux finishing market and many decorative artists have left the business because they assume that it simply is no longer in demand, but the truth of the matter is our talents as artists is still sought after as long as you have the skill set to adjust to the home design demand.

For interiors our expertise in the use of color is still needed even though sometimes it is just wall paint that we are working with. Architects that come up with new home designs are still relying on decorative artists to create modern ornamental and geometric patterns which involve the use of color and some mathematical abilities. Wall paint can be used in different shades, tones and tints to create tompe loeil effects which can fool the viewer into believing that something is dimensional when in fact it is not.

One of my next projects will involve the use of this type of system where I will paint an 8 ft x 5 ft design on a ceiling using just wall paint in an attempt to create the illusion of a coffer/tray ceiling.

For interiors, some home designs, town homes and condominiums were built in absence of these type of features and now with consumers down sizing to these smaller home designs I have actually ran into a nitch market where there seems to be a demand for this illusional effect and this post will set the stage for the coming weeks where I will be updating the progress of a custom design that I will be doing.

I must first draw up a basic plan of the shape for approval and then I will create the elements within the design. By adding light and shadow into the actual drawing will create more realism but the basic painting will be accomplished just by using wall paint.

For interiors and basic home designs I believe this to be the next trend for decorative artists for a couple of reasons being that the now downsizing consumer still wants these type of features in the home design but would rather not take on the over all expense and remodeling that it takes to create the look.

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6 thoughts on “Wall Painting For Interior Home Designs”

  1. When I first started learning to do faux painting I would get very frustrated because my final outcome was not what I visioned in my mind. It takes time and like everything else practice, lots of practice but what beautiful designs can be accomplished with faux painting in its different facets. Like your blog…

    • Yes Irma, It does take practice but consistency seem to make the learning part go faster. The main thing is to study color the most just as in any art form, once you understand the basics and are able to match colors by eye is when everything else seems to come easy, after all its all relative….Thanks for stopping by…

    • Thanks for the comment. I took a tour of your website and was impressed with the development. A very nice layout and was easy to navigate but the only issue I could see was that there was no mention of the owners name anywhere. Looks like you do more than just drywall which makes it even more interesting and informative and I’ll bet that you guys are can do an actual level 5 drywall job which is a decorative artists dream wall lol

    • Hi Dawn, You can sign up for our newsletter on the upper right of any of the pages. I have several categories of newsletters for certain interests But one main newsletter that goes out periodically. Glad you found me on Face book

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