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Funding For Artists

Fine Art Murals by Naples Fl artist Arthur Morehead Nighttime Fountain
Nighttime Fountain Mural

Get Help Funding For Artists

How do you get funding for artists and Where?/or How do you ask for it?

Murals in Naples Fl Art-Faux Funding For Artists
Murals in Naples Trompe Loeil progress

I really can not give a sure answer to this as I have never really had to do it in the past. In my years of being in business, I really had not needed it (so I thought) other than applying for a line of credit while building your business’s credibility. But we’re talking about artists which is much different than a small “mom & pop” brick and mortar business.

Until, yes until,

Let me fill you in on a few details before I go further and hopefully you will still be here when I am done

As many of you who know me, I have always been one to give and help others with Art, Decorative Painting, business, and life experiences as I have been through more situations than the normal person. In fact, most of my life has been like a carnival roadshow to put it lightly.

To put things in a perspective of what has been one of my best roller coasters rides as of yet happened to me a little more than a year ago.

when the economy gave us another small jim dandy of a jump in the road to cover. Then I thought well now is the time to bring back my video production service to the business along with some promotional services because I knew I wasn’t getting any younger. I have also always been good at teaching

Let’s Face It! Getting Older Just Plain Sucks

I would have never thought I would be saying that especially after I quit drinking 24 years ago and gave up on the tobacco and most of the other vices that lead to bad health as you age. I am sure you all have your own issues too and are nodding your head as well.

Nothing new to most of you of my age and I know we all have our own stories to tell, but let me continue as I wanted to thank everyone who has jumped up to the plate to help with the need that I am so aggressively to continue to chase. ( I don’t give up easily). There are many of you who already know that it has been a dream of mine to open a working studio to help other artists and creatives to follow their dreams and who can not afford many of the things to get them there,

So I had turned my dream into more of a quest than anything, So I thought while sales were down I would continue to invest in the future of Art-Faux Designs Inc(Artists of Many Colors). I had put most of my own money to purchase more video equipment, lighting, backdrops, and even opened a small storage locker and turned it into a studio. Nothing new it’s what businesses do is grow, right?

While in the middle of this I was hospitalized with kidney stone problems which hit me pretty hard. Like many other hospitals, they ran all the tests and did the MRI’s and everything else that they love to charge you for, right? Then write you a prescription that’s almost impossible to pay for and boot your ass out the door. Well, come to find out I have stones on both sides, (terrific). I did manage to get one side taken care of. However, I found myself losing power in my legs and the ability to climb ladders, scaffolding, and some staircases as I was not able to lift my feet high enough to clear the next step and push myself up to the next level. I also found myself losing my balance and falling down sometimes. (Some really weird shit right?) No warning or no reason, nothing, it just hit me like a ton of bricks and it affected my income by taking away at least 50% of my work that I normally could do. (which still was not coming in btw)

Anyway as I kept on doing what any other businessman would do, I continued with adding more and more to the business such as re-editing some instructional DVDs and remaking of others. I also.put a membership site with a forum including a section for Gold members to have their own hosting of WordPress sites for whoever wanted to have their own gallery and sales sites as part of the membership (Gold Level) to help with
Funding For Artists

I have also added a couple of my own online stores and built a couple of more WordPress sites

Now there is also Live Broadcasting and Streaming which is another great way to get my teaching out there, But we’ll get back to that later. So back to my question. When it comes to

Funding For Artists

How Do You Get It and Where?

One of the places I tried as some of you know and wanted to thank you for is a crowdfunding source called Go Fund Me.com Although this place is a bit interesting it can get you some funding if you market it just as hard as you would anything else, However they do have their rules and should be followed to the fullest. This was the first one I tried and did have many of my closest friends contribute to, but like everything else you just can not rely on this for the long term unless you get some of the bigger donations. I am just learning about this newest adventure so in order to do any comparisons between any of them I also have a Kickstarter and an Indiegogo membership too. I am praying with everything I have going on that I can trickle enough income to at least help pay the studio expenses. So most likely you will see me marketing everywhere.

Now that does not mean I am giving up on faux finishing and decorative painting it just means I am adding to it and making it better especially for the internet sourcing of Live Broadcasting of classes. However, I will still be needing help on paying for the things I once gave away for free, such as my business mentoring, how to advise and different ways to market art for the artists and stop giving my time away for free. This also means I will be closing down about a dozen groups that I belong to on both Facebook and LinkedIn.

You know the saddest part about this whole funding for artists thing is the fact that some of the artists I had actually helped and mentored the most started accusing me of trying to “scam others” and how I was trying to “rip them off” so to speak The very people I had helped for the last 20 years or better who have had no school participation and/or classes accused me of this and put a knife right in my heart as this was something that I loved so much to do.

So in closing to those of you who want to help with funding for artists follow me to actual friendly place and have some fun again the way social media use to be. Drop me an email, join my newsletter or contact me and watch for my invites on my Live Stream Broadcasting for live interviews, painting, and how to demos at



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