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Metallic Suede

Faux Effects Luster Stone
Faux Effects Luster Stone

Older faux finishes stand the test of interior design trends

Design trends can change what seems to be overnight sometimes depending on who and what the

“Do it Yourself” or “Home Improvement”

shows are promoting.

One product I have found that stands the test of time no matter what the interior design guru’s are doing these days is one that I use on a regular basis because of it’s versatility and the ability to work it into any custom faux finish for clients who are concerened about

“Yes I love it!, but will this faux finish be acceptable 5 years from now?”

Metallic Suede 1

Metallic Suede, originally uploaded by artmorehead.

To prove my point I recently received a call from a past client who are wanting to not redecorate, but to add to what has been done to the home. After setting up the appointment and arriving on time as usual I was greeted by the client enthusiastically welcoming me back into their home. I was quite impressed with their choices of new furniture following a modern design but yet not over the top. I have seen some modern furniture designs that would literally make my body ache, and some of the colors are screaming so loud that it would give you a headache just by looking at them!

Not such the case here and my first thought was how well they did with their choices that as far as I could see the rooms existing wall finishes didn’t need changing OR improving as far as that goes and they were just wanting to “add” to the finishes by introducing some iridescent metallics to an overglaze what ever the case may be.

As we toured each room we finally came to the last room and as we walked through the area I was listening to what they had to say readying to note their ideas but they did not comment in such a way that it needed to be noted but rather commented to the fact that how much they love it the way it is we did not have to change a thing for this area do to the fact that when we had talked about this finish 4 or 5 years ago remembering one of the reason of choosing this particular faux finish was to not have to make any changes.

This is a product called Luster Stone made by Faux Effects and is one of the plaster mediums that I have grown to love because of the versatility of it
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