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Wood graining

I have been kind of falling behind on my posts so I thought I would post a few pictures of some wood graining techniques I have done recently. This first panel is a Satinwood Trompe Loeil Panel. l’ll make a post just for woodgraining, and I will start it off with one of my favorites…….

Satinwood is a great one to render for the inerior designers who are working with more modern and contemporary feel. I know the frame is a little over the top but this is what  a designer requested to draw attention to the piece

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  1. If I want to faux wood grain a cabinate that is rather dark to make it lighter, will I have to use a gray primer first? They are rather inexpensive and not of good quality, so sanding and using any remover will not work. Any suggestions? Thank you. Love the garage door ideas. If this project works out for me, I think those are next! Nancy

    1. Hi Nancy it really depends on what the current topcoat is. There are plenty of acrylic “Bonding primers” out there on the market and I have used a few of them with great success. You should ask your local paint store rep. and he should be able to tell you. I would however stay away from the “Big Box” stores because they will try and sell you some kind of “all in one” kind of paint. Sherwin Williams for instance has a nice bonding primer. In order to get a lighter color wood grain finish it’s important to determine your base color. You are going to need to sand the cabinets before you prime and the color of the primer whether it’s white or gray doesn’t matter because you need a good base coat/color before you grain.

      As for graining garage doors I would recommend reading my posts and warnings about metal overhead doors. Don’t ever use oil base products in this situation as it will give you huge problems later and will void all manufacturers warranties. There are a number of water borne systems that work fine if you have done any of this kind of work in the past, but remember this is a technique that is learned and not something that just anybody can do and still get a convincing looking end result, so it should be practiced before actually doing it. If you need more information just drop me an email or a question here and I’ll try to help you if you need it.

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