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Painting Cactus Sunsets, Medicine Warriors,

Indian Art Southwester Tim Cromwell Art
Tim Cromwell Art

Painting Cactus Sunsets, Medicine Warriors

Coming soon! A Live broadcast discussion with artist Tim Longwell.

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Every so often I will run into an artist that really grabs my attention because of style and technique he or she posses when creating their work. In this case, there is no exception to the rule.

Cactus Sunsets


As everyone knows I have found Southwestern Art a fascinating art form as to the simplicity and style of art. Very unique by its own right. This is why artist Tim Longwell also fascinates me. I have been following him for quite a long time and thought this could be a good start for my new Live Artist Interview series I am doing along with my new Live Art Shows I am broadcasting.

Indian Art Southwester Tim Cromwell Art
Tim Longwell Art

I believe a few here have seen or at least heard of his work and will enjoy the upcoming conversation

I will first put a small excerpt of his bio so you can at least learn a little more about his interests and why he has sought out such a passion for the arts in general. You may even say we fall from the same tree as most artists do.

After a conversation with artist Tim Longwell, I found it amazingly uncanny that he and I both felt the same way about helping others as much as we can I mean let’s face it we all need help once in a while as we all face the never-ending fight of dodging the flight of that proverbial curveball that we all have to watch for.

I was hit pretty hard with one that has changed my life forever it seems but I still had to get up and readjust my whole life at nearly “ahheemm” years old

How we came to meet and decide to do a recorded interview was that we met from hanging around Google + and other social media groups and have the same interest as starting to teach Art Painting Live using streaming video.

Tim was born in 1958, raised in the south central United States in S.E Oklahoma, married in 1977, and now lives in the south central United States in S.E Oklahoma.

Tim has traveled a great deal across the United States, having spent many years as both labor and management. Tim operated a computer consulting service specializing in software and hardware support in Rehab Technology, helping people learn to use computers to overcome disability caused physical limitations to return to work and enjoying hobbies. He served on the Ohio State Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation, Lorain County Board of Consumers as board member and Chair, receiving multiple awards for his work in helping others.



Tim Longwell Art

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