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Muralists | Artists Bonita Springs

Peack Feathers in Ceiling Design
Yes no faux here this is the real deal
Peack Feathers in Ceiling Design
Yes no faux here this is the real deal

Muralists | Artists Bonita Springs

Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs Fl

Is there is enough attention focused on Muralists and Fine Artists in SWFL? Then it hit me like a ton of bricks that I have not written a story about Mural Artists of Bonita Springs in (SWFL) or

Centers for The Arts Bonita Springs

I’m such a boob!

You would think that because I am all about the arts and getting support for creative businesses that I would have written about Center For The Arts here in Bonita Springs. Bringing Mural Art, & Live painting events and attention to what is going on in the area. As I am consistently working on my membership site it seems I am always fixing something on it

It’s all part of running an informational blog as you need to keep up with current events and all kinds of other things such as SEO and marketing which is part of running a membership site It is really expected to see by the members and followers that I have that’s no different than a board of directors except I wear all the hats and don’t lose my mind during the process.

Although I am still working out the “kinks and tweaks” I feel I still need to keep up with my updates Especially with the addition of my

Live Art Studio Broadcasting

Anyway, The Centers of the Arts Bonita Springs Fl. has two locations now which I knew was going to happen I just didn’t know when. The second venue had one delay after another which is not unusual, most businesses here will agree with me. There is a ton of bells, whistles, and hoops that you need to jump through and by the time you get through that gauntlet and get up and running you’re exhausted and ready to retire lol

It’s not easy setting up and running a business here in SWFL, especially a non-profit with a board of directors to answer to. Personally I think it’s overrated but it is what it is, I am glad I don’t have to worry about it. (Been there Done that, thank you very much). After starting and running two businesses and sales being as slow as they have been, I decided that adding more services to my decorative arts business at this time may be a good idea.

I have been known to do a lot of mentoring small business & creative art marketing.

A good example of their art marketing video is below for a short commercial “Intro” as this is called which is one of the new services I offer for the ones who would not want to do this themselves.

Centers For The Arts Bonita Springs Fl. is quite impressive and does have a lot to offer young and old alike.

Here’s a short little video I thought I would plugin here for you all to see with links to more. Video is the thing now as you know to get your branding going


I was pretty impressed with the work that was done for this video and how right to the point it was, However, I probably would have added just a little more to it however it gets the point across quickly. This is how commercial videos for television are done.

This is a great organization that contributes and gives to the art communities of Bonita Springs, Estero, and other SWFL communities with Dance, Music, Theater, and education for all no matter what the age. And now they have live events and you find all this posted right on their

calendar of events  


I will be posting more videos on this subject with others as I go. These posts will show how I have done it and how quickly the posts hit page one of Google searches. Some that I have already done a year or more ago are still holding their positions on page one. By joining the membership site this is only the beginning of what you can learn from hanging out with other forums and building out your own personal profiles and galleries discussing with members about other perks.

Personally I love doing the Live streaming and hangout we can do together and or privately with friend and family and/or privately with your clients and/or customers Live or recorded messages So in closing I just wanted to say you can join in and help build this exclusive membership site at a ground level or you can sit on the fence. Either way, it doesn’t matter to me because I am still going to do this with or without you.

By the way here is another blog post I wrote about this subject you may want to read, or not

Like I said with or without you I will build it

“Artists Living A Field Of Dreams”

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