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Where is your Art Going?

Peacock mural Progress
Peacock mural in Naples Ceiling

Where is your Art Going?

Over 200 comments in less than a few hours totally took me by surprise!

Some very good responses and some others who are struggling with it. Here are some of the responses I received from the question.

Hopefully, these are the caliber of members I get into my Naples forums. This kind of interaction is where we can all learn from one another about marketing, small business and having good online etiquette that seems to have been lost on social media.

The beauty of the responses was not one”Troll” and/or smart ass responded to this kind of intelligence. I was taken by surprise So here are a few responses from different standpoints

I figure I should get another post out to let everyone know of Live Art and interview status as I am getting some questions about it. I started out yesterday and put a question out on Facebook to see what kind of a response I could get from it that will be one of the examples of the topics to be discussed. I was blown away by the responses and how many it  has naturally hit home with many artists to the point that I think it would make a very good topic for a Post The question went something like this


Kim Wyatt ★ Arthur Morehead, I am totally interested in learning to market my art. I too have grown frustrated with the art marketing groups where members spam fishing for compliments and advice.

  • Joanne Davies Catherine, I am with you on this marketing thing. I also have the book I’d rather be in the studio, it didn’t tell me anything new. The big thing is this mythical being, the mailing list. My mailing list consists of friends and family and I refuse to bombard them with emails,every time I post a new work, and anyway I receive their likes or silence, on my FB page. I haven’t sold that much so do not have a client list. Chicken and egg comes to mind. And don’t get me started on ‘write a blog’ if that is the solution then I am doomed to failure.
    Linda Borne, would you mind giving me an idea of the costs involved when hiring a professional to market work? Also what do they do for you and do you think it is money well spent? Thanks


  • Karen Atkinson If you make the marketing as interesting as your artwork, you might have something….


  • Linda Borne Maybe Karen can explain why, The WallStreet Journal, Bloomberg Business, ArtNet, and ArtForum, in addition Academic institutions such as Brown, Georgetown and Stanford University all reported visual artists whom retained a professional advocate earn on average 5- 7- times more income of those who do not.

  • Marko Susla Linda, Not a criticism, just a business question: Does the average 5- 7- times more income cover the cost of the advocate? If so, that’s great. However an advocate or consultant can cost quite a bit and you need to move a lot of art to break even.

So I am trying to move on with this post so I wanted to squeeze this Live Video in where Eric and I were discussing doing more of these kind of discussions in the new Forums that are generally everything about business to creative innovation. My plan is to blast these live streaming art painting classes, faux finishing instructional across many of the streaming platforms where many can just view them from my website with out having to join 20 other sites as the can find it right here.

Yes it is quite a feat and not cheap which it costs a small monthly fee on the membership part of the site. However you will get a lot from it.

Everything from live streaming interviews to hosting your own online Art Gallery including a shopping cart and show much more

Below is an unedited version of a live recording


At any rate, I plan on doing some video promoting for other artists and creatives. I thought my Peacock Mural would be a good rough start with my muralist friend Eric Schlake who helped me with the completion after my health fell apart a couple of years ago


I just discovered that my art gallery plugin has lost its mind and took off in adventure of its own so bear with me on the status of that little jewel. It seems that even though I bought the plugin I still have to pay for support. I am not very happy about it but I said it myself

“You can’t work for free”

Thanks for waiting guys I have fixed the issue without having to pay more money out for support (Yaaaaay for me). I found a forum of the one who built it and “kinda sort of ” in a roundabout way. He told me what to look for without letting on to the others. You see in the past I have bought a lot of this kind of techy stuff so he gave me the information and it was like I thought. (Human error) or simply put one of a moron’s error, but hey that’s how we learn about such things.

Get involved with the Forums they’re not free but they can sure teach you a lot.

I hangout on many of the different areas of Social media and get involved with the Gurus who know a about these techy issues. I hope to get a lot more Live hangouts scheduled with them. but we’ll see


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