Membership Levels

Generally speaking, this is where I will list the benefits of the different levels of each member so there is no confusion or I hope anyway remember this is a work in progress so bear with me please It has taken me a long time to get this far and I may change things as we improve and add things. I will start with the shortest level and progress to the more detailed membership which of course would be our

 Social Level 

The social level is for everyone who just wants to hang out with other creative individuals. Here’s where you can just have some fun. Inviting friends and colleages are of course benifical for all members. However this is not Facebook and not a free for all kind of platform where just anyone or anything can join. This will be however like joining some of the groups in Facebook as there is time for me to check the profiles to be sure we have legitamate members and not a bunch of kids trolling the forum making trouble 

At this level it will be like any other forum where you must fill out your profile before you get any vanity features like posting photos and what not. This is a bit different than most free forums as they would let people join and run amok not knowing anything about the member.

This is the same way I got rid of all the trash in a few groups

The Bronze Level

is where education and help starts. This is where you can learn about the basic needs to become successful at getting online with your business website. I like the WordPress self-hosted sites as these are what I know most about and have had a ton of plugins trial and error experience (what works and what didn’t so well)
At the Bronze Level, you can expect a few more perks such as a gallery for your profile page your own private live chat room for you and anyone else you choose such as personal clients. There other perks that will be added as we move on deeper into the root as to what I can add at the lowest costs but of higher quality. As most of you know I hate garbage and the people who sell it. Some even say I am a finicky ole bastard and it may be true but I want the best for you guys at the right costs. I try to work with the budget I am given.

The Silver Level

are for those who have worked their way more into the technical side of WordPress and have a clearer understanding of Internet Marketing and what all this shit is about. Remember this is a forum and will have records of things that were discussed in the past and will be built on you the members and the questions you have and can be easily recalled and referenced too.
If you all remember this is about where we were with the Basic Internet Marketing Group on LinkedIn as the question become more detailed with WordPress that it was getting difficult to keep them at the forefront and not losing them as they kept moving off the page and the same questions kept repeating itself costing us time to have to keep repeating the answers.
This way we will have a list of “Categories” and “Topics” we can always refer to when needed. This level I will have many of the top experts in their fields holding “Live broadcasting events” and more fun. At this level, many of us will have an above novice experience in WordPress and “Lingo Definition” that it will you have an understanding of what the hell we’re talking about and make it easier for the experts to understand you and for you to understand them to reduce the (head scratching)
Now, remember this is not only for WordPress but also for Art & Business Internet Marketing. Once you get this far it will not matter what blogging platform you are using because you find out that most are pretty much the same. However, you will also learn that some are just useless pieces of shit and others are some real powerhouses.
Also at this level, you will begin to see the awesome stuff you can do with your knowledge and will get your galleries, shopping carts, pay buttons, affiliate marketing and monetizing your site to make a little bit of money to offset your costs and more ways to sell your art through promotions. plus live chats and discussions and even video conferencing and of course more perks

Gold Level

It is for those that just want to skip all the bullshit and jump right in with their own hosted WordPress site with its art gallery shopping cart video promotions and whatever else I can think of to improve the experience. The beauty of this level is you can share in the SEO because I am constantly doing this to the website anyway and have been since 2004 (that’s a lot of SEO my friends ) In fact when I get into discussions with other SEO gurus and start delving into the webroot knowledge of SEO I can spin these guys eyeballs around and nearly pass out in front of me because they are not that far into it and don’t understand it You know just as if you were to discuss your work with someone
Any way I will be adding much more to this page as we move along and try to get you on a top page listing in your local market (yes I can do this) but you’re going to have to help by doing what you are already doing but just don’t realize it yet. It’s not fricken rocket science it just sometimes takes a leader to get you there.
Then, of course, there is a much higher level than I can not put a price on because it will need to be discussed on what your needs are and whether you need business and/or marketing coaching and budget costs.
Like I have said in the past, I am not a web designer but I am an Artist of Many Colors and have 40 years of business experience and can no longer just give this shit away for free like I used to.
Oh yeah just remember This forum will only be available to a few paying members at a time which at that time I will close the doors at the free level and will only take on memberships of the ones who truly want to learn and get out on their own.
For those who remember the Basic Internet Marketing Group on LinkedIn, it only took a couple of weeks to get 100 members before I closed the gate and accumulated a waiting list of another 180 members very quickly. So if your interested get involved now because I will only accept members on a first come first serve basis…….more later…..

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