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Marco Island Restaurant The Islander

Painted Palm Tree Mural by Arthur Morehead Art-Faux Wall Designs
Painted Palm Tree Mural
Foxy's Yost VanDyke Art-Faux Murals
Realism in Naples mural painting based on the Caribbean

Marco Island Restaurant

The Islander”

offers a unique dining experience surrounded by murals, art,

faux finishing, and music?

Doesn’t sound that unusual, does it?

 What if I were to tell you that art and music were live?

Murals, marbling, wood graining and the decorative arts (faux finishing) are in full swing again for

Marco Island, Naples, and Bonita Springs.

Although seasonal residents are packing up for their yearly migration back north, life still goes on for those of us who have decided to make Southwest Florida our year-round residence.

This season has kept me busy with a scenic/mural project on Marco Island at a restaurant so aptly named “The Islander“. The entire restaurant is based on a Caribbean theme with every wall adorning elements from several photographs chosen from a collection by the restaurant manager

Michael Sanfilippo

and is located at

The Marco Town Center Mall.

Painting palm trees for Marco Island restaurant "The Islander" by artist Arthur Morehead
Painting palm trees

  What makes this Marco Island restaurant mural project so unusual is that I am painting while the patrons are dining, sipping wine and relaxing to music supplied by

Alan “The Music Man” Meadows.

Although in it’s early stages, I wanted to start posting on the progress of this rather unique Marco Island restaurant and have to say that the food and atmosphere are fantastic. The service is great and the parking is only a few feet away from the front door and also offers ample room for,

Outdoor dining if you prefer.

Marco Island restaurant mural painting palm trees by artist Arthur Morehead
Painting palm trees

Since this is only the beginning of a series of posts because of the enormous amount of mural painting involved, I am only using this post as an introduction to the progress and a few of the talented people who all helped put this together.

Already there has been such a great response from those who have been returning to watch the progress at the Marco Island restaurant that I am already looking forward to a second project which is in the planning stages as I write this post.

I think what I like the most about this mural and theme of The Islander is the spontaneity of everything I am painting. Everything is freehand with very little of it even drawn out before I begin another element. Through many conversations with Michael and his vision and reference material, it has made this not only a challenge but one of pure confidence and commitment with each brushstroke. This saves on a lot of time because there are no sketches to change or approve and basically the trust is left to the artist. Michael suggests what additional elements he would like to see and I paint them from an artist’s perspective. What’s even better is all the people I have met and come to know on a first-name basis with many who have suggested adding certain things that have become inspiring enough for me to actually carry the ideas into the theme thus making the returning patrons part of the project.


Painting palm tree mural at Marco Island restaurant by artist Arthur Morehead Art-Faux Designs 239 417 1888
Painted palm tree detail



Even the staff of the Marco Island restaurant “The Islander” gets involved by commenting on what would look great in this faux finishing mural project.

Stay tuned much more to come

Stop in and say hello I am usually there painting between the hours of 5:00 to 9:00 and on weekends.

Happy hour starts at 4:00 to 6:00 with

Live music from

Alan “The Music Man” Meadows

from 4:00 p.m. to 9:00 p.m. 7 days a week

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    • Hi Carol, glad to see you stopped by. Yes, it was one of those jobs that artists really dig! The owner tells you to want his/her vision is and then leaves you alone to create it. In fact, this was based on the islands known as Yost VanDyke in the Caribbean where there is a bar called Foxy’s

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