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Murals, Buy One Get One Free?

Grotesque ornamental painting on Distressed faux wood panel
Winged Horse Stencil by Vigini Paint and Design

Murals, Buy One Get One Free?

From Washington D.C. to Naples, Fl.

As a fine art muralists in Naples Fl how would I get sales moving in Washington D.C. ? From Naples Fl. I was talking to a long time friend/mentor of mine Melissa Taylor of Washington D.C. the other day who informed me that support for fine art artists and muralists has been strong in the Washington D.C. area

Melissa E. Taylor, which has lead me to write this post. Here in Naples it’s almost like you have to offer a “Buy One, Get One Free” or a Pro bono incentive because even the Probono type marketing is not working. (I tried).

Murals in Naples Fl
Naples Fl Wine Room Mural

I know my murals are not the best but I still do pretty well with them, but when the market is not buying it makes me feel I have done something wrong and start reaching for a reason to blame myself. Like maybe I have become too fat or perhaps going bald, Could it be my breath stinks and I can’t dance?

Wait a minute I know….I know… It’s because I can’t fly right?

Murals in Marco Island restaurants newest attraction by artist Arthur Morehead
Murals in Marco Island Fl Newest Attraction (photo by Michelle Smith)

I suppose that should go without saying but what’s a guy like me supposed to do and/think Now I know how out of whack that kind of thinking is not my style as many of you know but I am a pretty smart guy when it comes to thinking of ways to marketing art. I am probably scaring the hell out of lot you but I just wanted to get your attention.

This post is about marketing tactics to get the attention of a certain market area I mean hell I have sold more art living on the streets than I have here lately. Another tactic I used would be to paint small canvases in public and have a sign attached to the piece that said “Will Paint For Food” and would get some sales before I was done with the painting and the law would get there

Fine Art Murals by Naples Fl artist Arthur Morehead Nighttime Fountain
Nighttime Fountain Mural

Anyway as my marketing thoughts run amok bouncing around in this pumpkin of mine I can’t seem to get the idea out of my head. I am however going to give something else a shot that I have not tried before, who knows it might work or it just might bite me on the ass. Either way it sure as hell can’t hurt as I am already hurting enough and it doesn’t matter if I offend anyone or not as it does fall into the category of “Shock Advertising” or as I like to say “Gonzo Marketing”. At least I can learn something from it.

I mean one of my favorite writers/journalists was Hunter S. Thompson and he used the same technique but what was different about his way of thinking he just didn’t give a shit of how you thought about him as a person he just wanted you to read his work.

I have always known the Washington D.C. had some good public art incentives for muralists and even have thought of going there. But personally I have to stay where it’s warm. ( yeah I’m a woose)

Anyway Melissa E. Taylor (or Mel as I call her) thinks highly of my work and after she heard of my health problems and how it has affected my situation she wanted to help and do what she could as always. She has been at my side for many years and has never failed to be there when I needed someone to lean on You see she has helped many with their broadway stage, dance and acting careers over the years including mine and is a very unique and special person to me as she has had just as tough of a life if not tougher than mine. So now I need to bring this post to an end with a little Bill Withers as I know most of you can appreciate that special friend that we can always be there for us. The mural pictures I had posted are from the past work and hope you all enjoyed them. Just remember if you can help by donating and or joining my forums don’t hesitate Lord knows I could use the help as running this site is not cheap by any means, Take a look around and you will see what I mean and I have much more to add.


Buy One Get One Free? Don’t be Mad……

15 minute paintings and why color works, wall mural thumbnails 10
Final 15 minute painting for wall mural element

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