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Naples Art Gallery Murals

Naples Art Gallery Murals

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Bougainvillea, wine barrels, wine wagon, wine room mural

Naples Art Gallery Murals

in Naples and Southwest Florida

bring the Beauty of Murals and sophistication of Fine Art that increases the measure of quality to a home’s aesthetic value, to say the least.

Naples Art Gallery Murals is accomplished on-site, but it is also painted on canvas grounds as with many other substrates. There is Fresco Painting which is painted on wet plaster and wood panels for ornamental at times. There are many reasons for this which are explainable while others still remain a mystery. Many murals were painted hundreds if not thousands of years ago and still remain a mystery of why or even how they have existed.

Confused? Well, don’t be, leave that up to the historians and artists who study and follow the importance of the education, preservation to ensure the continuum of the art form that many have enjoyed throughout the history of the world.

To me, muralists and Artists of Many Colors are held at much higher regard because of how much more that must be learned in order to render paintings in huge formats and be able to render near-perfect perspective to accomplish realism which is the style I prefer.

However, I am an Artist of Many Colors, Styles, Techniques and art forms (to say the least) and can give my clients most anything they can or can not envision in some cases. Naples Art Gallery Murals in combination with an Artist of Many Colors can envision and give you what you want.

At first, it is a consultation that is needed to meet with a client and get a feel of the lifestyle and decor within the home. It is of the utmost importance to make an “artistic connection” with the client.

(To be continued)


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