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Art-Faux Designs Studio Mural

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Murals in Naples Trompe Loeil progress

Art-Faux Designs Studio Mural,

the front view is starting to take shape.

A special thank you goes out to

Dave Horton of Dave Horton Advertising

for his contribution of the vinyl signage and all his help to see that my dream of an open studio for all artists young and old comes true and anyone wishing to help can also contact us at 239 417 1888.

This was an old post that I had just updated as our second location has come and gone due to economic reasons, However the mural project was still an adventure I will never forget. With that being said I thought maybe you would still like to read about all the work that went into it

Art-Faux Studios front view

Creating depth was needed for this limited reception area which was purposely designed this way to allow for the larger working studio/classroom area I am resorting to mural and trompe l’oeil techniques to give the illusion of space and openness  which will welcome all who come through these doors

Repainting and cleaning up the edges of the future landscape areas have already started to make a difference. The facade of Art-Faux Designs Studio Mural is nearing completion except for some final detailing and distressing which will be done after the blocking in of the mural area

Facade Nearly Complete

The air return vent was the biggest issue from this view and with the facade nearly complete and after adding another feature I have planned it should pull the eye away from the vent for the most part…..what’s that you say? ….what feature? ….lol…I guess you will have to sign up for my newsletter to stay informed when my next post comes out so you don’t miss it , It will be very cool though ….trust me!  Remember… not only have I been painting a long time, I have also learned many things from the best in the business and have been known to pull a few things of my own out of my dusty hat of “tricks of the trade” or should I say “trompe l’oeil” of the trade

Facade Nearly Complete

Finalizing the trompe l’oeil molding will be one of the last steps I’ll do once the mural is in place. I may bring more molding onto the columns but wont make that decision until the mural is nearly complete. Working a design on the “fly” is not something I would recommend for anyone because the study is actually where you work out the details and make changes, but being this is on short notice……

….. lets just say I have no fear and leave it at that…..

Mural problems? Trompe l'oeil to the rescue

As you can see I have a few mural problems to challenge me here and as always “trompe l’oeil to the rescue” is my motto. I actually have 4 issues here,  obviously the duct work is one, the 2nd one is the door, the third is the cast shadow ON the door, and the fourth obviously, is the hardware which is an easy fix, but there is one other that is bothering me and I am going to have to break a rule and whip out my artistic license in this case, can you guess what it is? I know you pro’s out there can spot it right away from this view and from the actual viewing point you don’t even see it. Remember a 20 ft mural is to be viewed from 35 ft and this space is only 12 ft deep

The mural itself is designed to attract viewers from outside the studio…..

This is a work in progress and I hope to have Art-Faux Studio Mural close to being completed soon

on a monthly basis and will announce the dates in my monthly newsletter

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2 thoughts on “Art-Faux Designs Studio Mural”

    • Wow thanks Skip
      That means a lot coming from a pro like you. I have been chomping at the bit for quite sometime to get back at it and the new studio is giving me that opportunity where I have plenty of room. I am gearing up to do more art and mural work on canvas and am preparing myself to work out of the studio. At 50 years old it’s time to start weaning myself off the scaffold and ladders, which I am not looking forward to because that’s where I would rather be, lol

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