Join our membership forum for $5.00 for the first 30 days (or more) and help us grow

Why $5.00? Because it keeps the spammers and trolls away. Plus it adds value to your

membership. After all this is about growing your business and/or promoting your art

We are open to artists, marketing specialists, designers, developers and entrepreneurs that are dedicated to open discussions about learning ways to market ourselves. How to use creative ideas and solutions to your branding needs, including PR, content marketing and social media solutions.

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A decorative art mural by Arthur Morehead & Art-Faux Designs. There are many other topics of discussion open to the social scene and gathering of creatives and small businesses. Video promotions, interviews, Live Art Shows and How to Videos and many other features that members can get by joining and interacting with the community to help grow each Forum

What you get for $5.00

An Introduction To The Social Forum  

and a chance to look around for the first 30 days (or more).


There are several options and perks with each level to look at. The Social Level is a place to hangout and discuss different topics and ideas with all the members  and where we can all have a Q&A about whatever comes up. (Keep it Clean)

Discuss Content marketing and Why Blogging Works

There is yet more to offer when joining as a member, Such as private webinars and weekly chat sessions

The Gold level offers

 A hosted  Gallery and promotions with special videos and interview offers at discounted rates.


This level of course will get you into the VIP group where you can help with making changes and be done to improve our learning experience. In other words you become an active member. This is of course is where we really get down to business with out having to deal with the daily trolls and BS in all the other social medias

Are you tired of the "Bashing, Drama, & Trolls of Social Media?

I have discussed these same issues with many members of other groups I run in Social Medias. In fact many of you know me already from 8 years of running Art Marketing on LinkedIn and several other groups on Facebook such as Authentic Mural Artists, Artists of Many Colors, Art-Faux Designs and others.

The membership site is also very strong in SEO as it has been up and running now for 14 years. The promotional side for the members will be taken very serious to get them in front of their local market

For The First Five members Who Join

I am offering an introduction written by me personally welcoming you to the membership site which will be posted and indexed by Google directly from the site (my blog)

Through my knowledge of web 3.0 and “Semantic Search” ( a book by David Amerland) the introduction should be indexed  as a first page results in the SERP (search engine result pages ) in a matter of only a few days.  (A $100.00 value to start)

You can learn how to do this also at the “Gold Level” of the Forums and save you thousands of dollars. This is only the beginning of the many perks that will be available to both creatives and small business owners