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I have been an artist all my life with a passion for teaching and helping others in many ways. This online newspaper is for everyone who is tired of reading about the chaotic craziness of the world. This is about supporting the arts where there is no bad news. My aim is to headline and feature creative people.

artist Tania Course headlines The Creatives Daily
Pascal Amblard headlines The Creatives Daily

No Bad News Here

That’s Right! This is about creative people with creative lives. It’s about letting the world know who you are
Every day it gets sent to major social media platforms in front of thousands of eyes

The Creatives World

Is a tough place for many and the goal here is to help where I can. Whether it’s an event, gallery opening, latest work, accomplishment, it deserves to be seen across the world
Like landscape photographer John Brady

Photographer John Brady Naples Florida

The Best Experience Ever

Musician Terry Leigh Britton

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