Class Schedule

Class Schedule

at Art-Faux Designs Studio is where you can get updates of our upcoming classes. Come here and sign up for our newsletter and stay informed or call and email.

Well here we are finally at the class schedule page that I have been trying to get time to put together and hopefully have some order to it because I have so many faux finishing and art class ideas that there are going to be

several different kinds of mediums and art forms available that will be held at Art-Faux Designs Inc.

As I said in my earlier posts my goal is

to have an “open studio” for all instructors to come and teach in Southwest Florida.

Not just faux finishing but all art forms providing that the facility can accommodate the equipment needed to hold such classes,

Look for our grand opening of our new artist working studio location in Naples Fl., coming in the fall of 2012

If you are interested in taking classes at

Art-Faux Designs Inc.™

239 417 1888

Sign up for our class schedule notice form below and we will keep you informed of the many different ideas we have

Remember….Artistic Freedom goes far beyond the trowel and Art Faux’s Class schedule will get you there.

With so many art forms there is a whole array of art classes that I can think of for the Art-Faux class schedule but I must force myself from naming them at this point because of all who have contacted me on the ones that already listed. If I start adding pages I get overwhelmed with questions and emails and although I am excited about the support I have learned to publish full information and details about each class schedule.

So you see, it just goes to show that you never stop learning no matter what it is you’re interested in and I hope with our newest venue scheduled to open this fall (2012) I hope you all sign up for the

Art-Faux Studio Class Schedule