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Marco Island Wall Mural | Art Marketing Story

Caribbean beach house detail of trompe loeil siding of mural in Marco Island by Naples artist Arthur Morehead of Art-Faux Designs 239 417 1888
Beginning distressing detail Caribbean beach house detail

 Marco Island Wall Art Mural | An Art Marketing Story

As a wise person once told me . . .

“Tell everybody what you’re doing.”

 Don’t let it all hang out, there is something to be said about a little mystery, am I right?

Naples Fl Beach Hotels artist Arthur Morehead
Trompe Loeil Caribbean Beach House progress of murals in Marco Island Fl.

As I sat there trying to think of what I could possibly write as a third entry into this mural project for this Marco Island Fl Restaurant I was kind of going through a writers’ block as most artists do from time to time of what more I could write about wall art. So I get this Facebook notification from a person that I hold dear to my heart that I met several years ago Melissa E. Taylor who had taken me under her wing so to speak during some very hard times that I was having as an artist and businessman about a post that I left in the Facebook Group “Business Exchange” of the progress of my work.  which simply said:

As a wise person once told me . . .

“Tell everybody what you’re doing.”

It’s really uncanny how some people just know when you need a kick in the butt to

get you off your ass and do something about your business marketing know what I mean?

Mural in Marco Island Trompe loeil Caribbean hut by artist Arthur Morehead
Trompe Loeil progress of Caribbean hut mural in Marco Island

To kick this off from my 2nd entry of the  Marco Island Restaurant Mural Project which was actually planned to go differently and due to the delays in the remodeling of the Marco Island Restaurant (permitting) it actually became a blessing in disguise. l continued painting the wall art of the Caribbean theme throughout the restaurant despite having to work around others, most everything was completed except for my work of course. To make a long story short I was still painting after the reopening and while people were dining adding to the “live entertainment” that was scheduled. However as a result the patrons actually enjoyed watching the progress and kept returning to see the kind of realism that was developing as I moved along. Each section I painted I added more and more detail so the advancement would be noticeable but I still had to bounce from one area to another after all. The whole restaurant was carrying the tropical wall art so of course there were lots of questions asked and many cards given out, but the beauty of this was is the fact that the amount of repeat business that had developed was quite remarkable.

Storm Shutters for Marco Island Mural by Naples trompe loeil muralist Arthur Morehead
Mural in Marco Trompe Loeil shutter progress

I have been trying to market this commercial wall art marketing concept to other businesses for many years and how it would be a win-win situation and was I able to prove my point that artists can bring a lot of business TO businesses if they would just sit down and listen to new ideas, which in this case they had no choice and found out just how right I was because at the end of each night the numbers didn’t lie.  As a result, it was decided to carry the 2nd phase of this mural project into next season and they are already taking reservations from next seasons Marco Island residents while planning menus and other things that restaurants do and many are looking forward to me coming back again. Meanwhile, that gives me time to focus on my private wall art commissions during the off-season.

Beach house mural in Marco Island Fl. progress by artists Arthur Morehead
Working from top to bottom painting mural in Marco Island

I absolutely love painting wall art murals this way because it gives me the freedom to be spontaneous and bring the personalities of not only the owners’ personalities into the wall art but also the patrons who frequent the Marco Island business making them feel that they are all just as important (if not more) to the success of the whole end result. Each thing that I paint has a special meaning to me and to be able to pull it all together myself makes it a unique experience and an amazing atmosphere especially when I can hear what people are saying in the background while I’m working. Sometimes I’ll add little things to the mural that I hear from the whispers of wonderment somewhere in the wall art and surprise the diners when they return and notice the add ons. I’ll turn and with a wink, I’ll say something like “Ahhhhhh ya didn’t think I heard that the last time you here didja?” You should see the joy it brings to their hearts and how it adds to the ambiance of the whole atmosphere of the restaurant.

Caribbean beach house detail of trompe loeil siding of mural in Marco Island by Naples artist Arthur Morehead of Art-Faux Designs 239 417 1888
Beginning of trompe loeil distressing detail for Caribbean beach house mural

So, is it important to

“Tell Everybody What You’re Doing”

when it comes to Business and Art Marketing?

Of course, it is, but don’t let it all hang out, there’s something to be said about a little mystery when it comes to Wall Art and Murals, am I right?

Marco Island Restaurant Mural Part 2

Marco Island Mural Part 1

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