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Internet Marketing Art Video for Tuscan Sky Mural by Naples Fl artist Arthur Morehead
Close up of the finished sky

 This art video goes with my Tuscan landscape wall  murals post for

Internet Marketing reasons.

I have been using Art Video for my wall murals for some time now take care of the SEO and SEM associated with Internet Marketing.

Internet Marketing Art Video for Tuscan Sky Mural by Naples Fl artist Arthur Morehead
Close up of the finished sky

I record and produce How-To Video and DVDs, and although my video equipment isn’t the best I still do well with it especially when it comes to using it for Search Engine Marketing (SEM) and Internet Marketing.

I also take care of my own SEO (Search Engine Optimization) which is why every post I write hits page one on Google usually in a few days or less.

As a matter of fact, this very post will hit page one once I am done writing this content and you can check it yourself  by searching the keywords,

Internet Marketing Art Video

Give it a day or two from today’s date which is April 18, 2012

How do I do it? Well, let’s just say it has taken me 6 years to put my own system together that works and if you want to know just send me a check and I’ll tell you.

Why am I so sure? Well, you found this post on page one, didn’t you?

Anyway, that isn’t what this post is about and I am here like always trying to share information with DIYer’s, Interior Designers, my artist friends, and whoever else wants to chime in.

Under Murals Projects, I wrote about painting a landscape wall mural which I was recording on video, but as I was painting I lost track of time and the video camera ran out of memory. Sometimes I would totally forget to turn the video on because as soon as I pick up an artist brush I have a tendency to lose all sense of reality and become one with my artwork.
I even get this way with certain

Aspects of Faux Finishing

such as Marbling Techniques or Faux Painting Wood or Wood graining garage doors.

So rather than deleting the video I am salvaging what I can and creating a few time-lapsed Art Videos and the first one is while painting the sky from the Tuscan Landscape Murals  that I painted for a client at

Mediterra Golf Estates in Naples Fl.

You can read the complete story about it by going to

Summer’s Landscape Mural

at Mediterra Homes

This is the time-lapsed art video I created showing how I blocked in the sky and background of the mural.


Well, what did you think?

Hopefully, the art video wasn’t too long for you but I wanted to capture everything that I did because I paint my skies and backgrounds a little differently than most landscape artists/muralists.

I’ll take a moment to explain. In the art video after I blocked in the sky I brought in the background (distant mountains) by mixing a darker value by adding a touch of burnt sienna to the ultramarine blue and white. However, you must be careful not to mix it too warm otherwise you will lose your atmospheric perspective. All you are doing is graying the color so it takes very little of the burnt sienna and diluting it to keep it transparent. Remember the more opaque the color the closer it appears.

I pretty much use an open palette when painting these types of skies meaning that most of the mixing is done on the canvas which is pretty clear in the art video.

The photo below is a shot of the sky of my last Tuscan Landscape Mural and I wanted you to get a better look at the end result. In the art video, I mentioned that I added more contrast after painting the distant mountains and I just simply mixed more white into my blue and white mix on my palette. I do this and build on my clouds from that point on. I find it easier for me to work my clouds in a mural from the horizon up to the top of the canvas (bottom to top) rather than what most mural artists do who generally work from top to bottom. When I was recording this part of the art video I apparently ran out of memory and didn’t know it and by the time a had roughed in the clouds and was nearly done did I realize the camera had shut down, unfortunately?

Art Video for Tuscan Sky Mural by Naples Fl artist Arthur Morehead posted for Internet Marketing
Close up of the finished sky
Before I close on this entry I wanted to touch a little more on Internet Marketing and Art Video for Murals.

In today’s market, it’s pretty tough to keep up with a consistent cost-effective way to market one’s business but I have found one of several ways that works for me and for any other business as far as that goes to get a first-page listing on Google both locally and nationally. Art videos are just a small part of it and it does take work. Internet Marketing is truly an art form in itself and really is fascinating once you get into it. To be honest I probably wouldn’t have the work that I do if it were not for my presence on the search engines and how people find me simply by searching generically and I do this all myself including the SEO. No banner ads, No Adwords, buying backlinks, or any of that crap.

Anyway I hope you enjoyed the art video and hope you got something from this post about

Internet Marketing Art Video and Murals

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    • Thanks for the comment Peter, I just wish I hadn’t have lost part of the recording due to memory. However I still have a lot of it on tape that I can at least make some snippets out of that could possibly help others I hope.
      Thanks for stopping by your insights are always welcome here.

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