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Ask An Artist Brilliant Idea?

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 Ask An Artist Brilliant Idea?

As I was laying in bed thinking and “welcoming”  the changes ( of my health) and the new challenges I must accept because of getting old,

Distressed faux cabinets
Faux finishing distressed cabinets

I was wondering how I could give my Go Fund Me Campaign a kick in the ass because donations have falling down next to nothing leaving crickets chirping in the background which is not adequate enough to fund a home-based studio alone.

(yes unfortunately I have to give up my small studio space at the end of the month which limits my work even more after four years)

So now I am going to try and Go Fund Me Studio Campaign in a different way. So let me know your opinion

Of course people are getting tired of me asking for donations without getting something in return (and makes sense) as that’s just the way our minds work for most of us. Others minds do not work that way which have already donated and I can’t thank them enough

What has been raised so far has paid for many things including, electric, phone service, water/sewer, rent, insurance plus a few cheap paint brushes,

However things have come full circle once again and as we all know business expenses just don’t stop and art sales are at a low for murals and art work this time of year. I must keep thinking creatively and although my legs may have shut down my mind has not. The worst part is social media don’t put your “posts” out like they use to unless you pay lol Well don’t you think if had the money I would at least try? (Ironic huh?)

With that in mind I knew I had to reach back into this old  brain bucket of mine and see what kind of crap I can stir up and hopefully see what kind of spillage of goo I can create to flow out of the old mess that has become stuffed back in here.

As I kept digging around one of my shelves I came across a few stacks of my Instructional DVD’s which some of you have been asking about and thought what if I were to make these available again through my GoFundMe.com account as well as on my blog? But what about shipping? Yeah I know there always seems to be a question somewhere. So I thought why not offer Free shipping for those who go through my campaign and offer one of my DVD’s for each donation of $50.00 or more for one of my 60 to 90 minute DVD’s? Or even

all 6 for $250.00

Venetian Plaster
Plaster for Niches

Do you think it will work? Well I suppose the answer is entirely up to you.

I also will offer painted commissions of landscape or seascape paintings at a discounted rate for those who are helping support keeping my doors open.

However I do have more things coming available to help other artists with their marketing such as Live video interviews which I have been talking about in my earlier posts. I would have had it available sooner if my health issue hadn’t got in the way but you know first things ar first especially when it comes to your health.

Anyway you can find out what videos I have available simply by going to my How To Faux Preview page. All you need to do is make the donation and let me know which one you would like first and leave a comment of your choice with your donation

Textured Plaster Ceiling Faux Effects O'Villa Sabina over glazed and waxed
Textured, glazed, and waxed with Faux Effects O’Villa Sabina

Plaster for Niches (similar technique)

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