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Faux Finishing, Video & Art in 2017?

Caribbean Yost Van Dyke
Mural in progress Caribbean Yost Van Dyke

Faux Finishing, Video & Art in 2017?

Who knows? However, these are my predictions according to my research and market watch for Naples Fl.

Caribbean Yost Van Dyke
Mural in progress Caribbean Yost Van Dyke

I was just sitting here in Naples Fl wondering what 2017 will bring us this year. More Murals? Fine Art? Landscapes? City/Urban, Seascapes Painting, or perhaps  Faux Finishing Alone?

2016 was a mess for everyone in the business except for maybe a few who were in the right place at the right time, (personally I was not one, due to health issues) but hey such as life would have it. So as I sit here drinking one of my favorite teas (love the stuff it’s good for you) I thought I would sit down and think about what 2017 may bring us (scary huh?)

Faux Stone Columns
Faux Painted Column

It looks like others are still trying to sell their artwork even harder than ever. My email notifications have not let up since I started to write this article. Could it be a good thing and artwork is once moving again? Or is it just determination and acts of desperation? Fuck who knows but it is unusual, let’s hope for the best

All I know is according to Google Trends it has all tanked and flat-lined out. I for one have been focusing on other things until all this shit finally straightens itself out. This is the worst I have ever seen the art market and it does not appear that it’s going to get any better soon

What’s curious though, it appears that the “Glazing” part of the Faux Finishing market has really taken off again in Europe and also showing some impressive numbers here in the U.S. Now I am not a marketing expert but I have learned a few things about it over the last 40 years of business.

 Who would have thought that the simplest forms of Faux Finishing (glazing) would show the biggest increases? I think it may be because the talk of moldy wallpaper is back on the wagging tongues of Interior Designers again and the problems that come with the issues of stripping a wrongly applied wallpaper is coming full circle. It could also be because of the craziness we have had with Kitchen Cabinets resurfacing has been huge for the last couple of years.

Although there was a decrease in the cabinet makeovers market from October until the end of December, hold onto your hats and don’t put those sprayers on the shelf just yet as I am seeing a huge jump in the market from the end of December until now. It looks like the “Farmhouse” and “Wayfair” Shaker type of Distressed Faux Finishes are what’s making the grade these days.

I would be on the watch for more Shabby Chic, French Country weathered barn wood styles in the kitchens as well as Deft Tile  (ornamental) painting along with more and more Mosaics in store for the latter part of the year (maybe sooner).

Distressed faux wood panel by Art-Faux Designs Naples Fl 239 417 1888
Distressed Faux Wood Panel

This does not surprise me at all because of whats happening in the high fashion designer market decor of the runways are turning into the aged crumbled urban backgrounds of an old brick wall and building alleyway motifs leading us away from the more commercialized chrome and whites (thank God) lol

Breakaway faux finish
Faux break away

Other things I have discovered is more people are drinking. Of course, I have always been an admirer of imported teas. because of the health benefits in many of them. I bet most of you would not have thought I was into that kind of stuff but there are a number of things that many of you don’t know about me. Especially with my video and film knowledge that I am releasing this month along with my limited member Forum opening that I have just opened up. You really should stop buy as I will be locking it down after I get so many members, but I will be announcing that again soon enough.

I also wanted to turn you guys on to a Webhosting deal I couldn’t resist passing on to you guys also. I know it appears to be expired however from what I understand it has been extended. I am also providing some simple hosted web art galleries for Gold Level members on my Forum because it’s all connected to my site which has a 12-year history of SEO work making it easier to get you guys listed on page one in the search engines, but that’s another blog post I am working on.

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