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An 800lb. Guerilla and Video Production In Naples FL?

Has that Artist In Naples lost his mind?

What Could Artists, an 800 lb.Guerilla, Video Production and Faux Finishing all have in common anyway?

Well, I assure you everything is fine in Art-Faux Design land.

I just wanted to get your attention…to tell you about a new kid on the block.

Guerilla Media

a video production company

who filmed my last trompe loeil demonstration

and has turned into one in a series of short films for my new promotional campaign I am launching this month.

Now as most of you know I have been on my soap box about the future of business and where it’s going. Branding yourself takes more work these days than what it use to, and if you don’t keep up with whats going on out there your competition will. Video Production, blogging and the internet is a fact these days and although I have done my own video production, video editing, DVD production it was time for me to put the camera down and let the professionals take over but as an artist this was very hard for me to do until my friend and mentor of

Third Eye Management

Karl Gibbons and Adrian Bevon

introduced me to

Hope Daley and Matt Dykes

of the

video production company

Guerilla Media

After meeting with them for the first time and having been invited to a video shoot I saw Hope,  Matt and the whole film crew are real artists with pure talent. I could see the passion in each of them and as usual the advice and encouragement of Karl and Adrian was true to form and knew that Guerilla Media was who I needed as part of a team to help pull off a promotional idea that I have had for quite some time. As a team I could  see this video production company handling everything from short films, 3d animation, movie production,

Although video production goes back several years it seemed that only the ones who had the huge advertising budgets were the only ones who could afford the expense of a video production, but technology has advanced so far in recent years that it is truly amazing how much more affordable it is and how it has made such an impact in the business marketing world. Video production is every where across the internet and has actually moved so far ahead that it is in my opinion starting to have an impact on the  the cell phone market. with it  now more affordable to obtain for the small business man as well as artists. Film making, short films, of the early years was hardly ever considered, but since the introduction of video production to the industry the expense of the equipment has become much more affordable. It has advanced so far today that it seems every household in the U.S. has a video camera or soon will have. It is a standard on most cell phones which are already equipped with some very high quality video. But no matter how advanced and common video production and short film making becomes it’s always going to take the talents of an artist who has a passion for what they do such as the video production crew of Guerilla Media has to make some one such as I excited and confidant enough to hand over something that I have needed to outsource for a long time.

Guerilla Media
Hope Daley Matt Dykes

Guerilla Media 239 293 2744 Naples Fl.

Watch out for my next update where I will be sending out a newsletter on the upcoming seminars and classes.

Yes air brush artist Dru Blair is finally on the schedule!

Stay Tuned!

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