Sunrise in Vero Painting Process

 Sunrise in Vero Painting Process on canvas,

Acrylic painter’s who paint wall murals, painting process for ceilings,

Painting process for floors and faux finishing,

Are they all different art forms?

New updated time lapse painting video

Yes I would say that they are all different forms of art but as a painting process they are all relative to one another and all mandate one critical element in common. As with painter’s painting on canvas the correct use of color and harmony that require painting techniques that are used both in faux painting and art painting techniques.

 I made a time lapse video of a seascape art painting idea I painted on canvas using some faux finishing techniques. Inspired from a picture I took of a Sunrise in Vero Beach, Florida I could not resist the beauty of this  seascape type of art painting that I caught in this photo and just had to paint it. Although the video is rough, hopefully the music and the flow will make up for the questionable video work as I am a painter of nature and not a photographer….yet…

As you watched the painting video you could see how I used glazing techniques for the sky and broken color techniques for the clouds and even dry brushing painting techniques throughout the whole canvas. So you can see that faux painting techniques is the same painting process that has been used by artists and by painters for hundreds of years.

Sunrise in Vero (acrylic on canvas)

The art painting idea came from a series of photographs that I had taken while studying Sunrises at Vero Beach Florida. Each day I was up waiting with my camera in hand to capture the right shot and after a few mornings of about 30 or 40 photos this morning was something special or should I say perfect, so I took several shots as the sun was rising. There was nothing faux about the beauty of this amazing gift from mother nature.

“Out of the 20 or so shots I decided on three and began painting from the ones I thought were best. Funny thing about it though is every time I went back to the others I had an urge to start over because I thought the others looked better , so rather than fight my creative side I decided to paint this Sunrise in Vero at three different time periods to show how quick the beauty of nature can change.”

Being that I am updating a post that was originally written in 2009 I seem to have forgotten about the other two art painting techniques I was going to use. So not only have I caught how bad my blogging was back then but I have also recaptured the inspiration to finally create those other two art painting ideas. I believe however that my video and painter’stechniques have improved since then and I will paint the next two on a much larger scale.

As a faux finisher, decorative artist, painter, fine artist, or whatever else people in general want to label us as, it doesn’t really matter what your called as long as you can get to the end result of what your creative mind is telling you to do. Art painting ideas and techniques as well as faux painting ideas have been around much longer than I and hopefully a few of my rather unconventional painting ideas will make it to another painter’s creative mind to bend what I have already done in an even further or different kind of art painting technique

I mean after all this artists skill set is far from over at the

Sunset In Vero Painting Process

It’s just the beginning.

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10 comments on “Sunrise in Vero Painting Process
  1. I found you on Art Fusion and thought I would visit. Have to tell you I love your paintings of the sky and it even makes it better when it is from your own photo shots. I have several that if you would like I could email them to you. Although they aren’t at Vero Beach, they are beautiful. I also love photography and have not had the chance to do much the last couple of years.

    • Thanks for stopping by Mari-Lyn,
      My “exploration” is non stop as it should be for all artists after all this is how we learn. I incorporate many techniques into my murals because of how large some of them can be.For example I have found that abstract painting teaches speed and spontaneity and in some cases accuracy. Fine art teaches precision and patience, which I don’t have a lot of hence the “15 minute thumbnails”. Then of course faux finishing teaches “all of the above” when it comes rendering all of the organic and inorganic surroundings that mother nature give us and as a muralist you must be accurate when replicating these things on a large scale. Then there is perspective for which there is many sides of that need to be known. Then there are all the mediums…..

  2. I liked the video it is relaxing background music and all I am looking to pick up a brush again and it is on y mind /often. I watch more to be inspired while looking for the right teacher / class ANY SUGGESTIONS

    • Is it Bianna or Dianna? Thanks for the comment, yes music to me is a very important part of my work, but I also like complete silence sometimes, I also like painting barefoot on some occasions while other times I must have shoes on. Yes it does sound weird but you need to be comfortable when painting and the same goes for taking classes and learning from others. If your not comfortable with the person you are learning or if you don’t have that student teacher connection.

  3. Renee,
    I would love that! my photography skills are not well lol, I just got back from a photographer friend of mine who just opened up his new gallery tonight and did a blog on him to try and help out with some exposure for him and another renown photographerJohn Brady & Clyde Butcher with links to their websites. It was quite a turn out and was glad I had the opportunity. Feel free to email a couple of photos that you think would look great on canvas and Ill make an attempt at it and we’ll make it a collaboration……

  4. Hi Helen,
    Wow Im glad you found me lol, I believe you and I have talked a while back. Yeah I love it here thats why I have been here for over 20 years. I grew up in the midwest with all the blizzards and cold and havent been back since lol. I do pretty much everything in decorative painting and I will be putting even more things here for all my readers. This is just the beginning. I have seen your website and love the designs I will be in contact you here shortly through your site to chat some…….

  5. Thanks Bob,
    Im glad you liked it. I have had a huge response and also through the help of a few of you out there, I have found out that my site is loading somewhat slow, so thank all of you who have emailed me. I am trying to find out how to remedy this problem. I also have another video coming out on a simple tissue finish that is an easy technique to accomplish, in todays market the simpler more affordable finishes are whats selling and I want to share a few of these with everyone.

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